Jerry Hicks5 years ago I went through a bit of a rough patch. I’m talkin’ depression, poor health, insomnia… you name it.

Thankfully, I read 2 books during that time that turned it all around:

a) You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, and
b) Ask & It is Given by Jerry & Esther Hicks.

I don’t remember exactly how “Ask & It Is Given” came into my experience. I DO remember the goose bumps I felt as I read Jerry Hick’s preface to the book. In that moment, I knew without a doubt that “Ask & It is Given” was full of Truth. I also had a feeling that my life would change as a result of reading it.

It did.

Since that time, I’ve become a full-blown Abraham fanatic. I’m like a crazy Michael Jackson fan from the 80’s. You know the kind of fan I’m talking about: the one who cried throughout Thriller and wore “the glove” to the grocery store. That’s pretty much how I feel about Jerry, Esther, and Abraham.

And so…. I was extremely EMOTIONAL yesterday when I opened up an email to discover that Jerry Hicks had passed away. I burst into tears. I didn’t see that one coming.

Although Abraham states repeatedly that there is no death, I feel sad. I’m sad for Esther, and I’m sad that I’ll never get to meet Jerry in person. I would have liked to thank him for bringing Abe’s teachings into the world.

Without the teachings of Abraham in my life, this website would not exist. I would never have discovered my passion for writing, spirituality, or personal growth. I would not have had the courage to uncover my intuitive abilities. In fact I’d probably still be lying in bed 24/7, watching CSI.

So Jerry, this post is for YOU. I just want to say THANK YOU so very very much for all the joy your work has brought into my life. The gratitude I have for you is (as you describe in Ask & it is Given) “ineffable”. I have nothing but tremendous love for you, and I hope that wherever you are, you will remain “joyfully incomplete”.

With immense love & gratitude,
KB xo.

Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks 1927 - 2011

You can share your appreciation for Jerry by leaving a comment below. You can also leave a comment on the Abe-Hicks Appreciation for Jerry page.

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9 thoughts on “A Post for Jerry Hicks

  1. Aaron W

    I’m so glad that you discovered the Hicks’ work, and that you became the awesome inspirational blogger and tweeter that you are (among other things!), and then you were able to turn me on to it, which has changed my life as well!

    I am appreciative to Jerry Hicks, through you!

    How was Louise Hay’s book? I’ve heard of that one several times as well.


  2. Debbi

    I love the Hicks, too, and Louise. I stumbled upon their books about five years ago, also, and my life is forever changed for the better. I als had the pleasure of attending one of Jerry and Esther’s workshops in Boca 3 or 4 years ago. Thank you for your beautiful tribute!


  3. Angus Keir

    Your post motivated me to read “Ask and it is Given”. I am inspired by the processes recommended by the book. I am excited to see where continued practice of these shall lead.

    Thank you Jerry and Esther!


  4. Shaleen

    I have had numerous miracles in the last three years since reading and applying the principles of ask and it is given. I am eternally thankful to the hicks!


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