“True intelligence operates silently.
Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.”
- Eckhart Tolle

Keeping busy is a fundamental aspect of the North American lifestyle. We are all looking for the most efficient way to multi-task. Producing activity where there’s stillness and noise where there’s silence is so widespread, it’s considered normal.

In our society, we can never be too busy. We always need to be “doing something” because productivity is the name of the game. Unfortunately, the stress of being too busy fills tomorrow’s to-do list with everything we didn’t get done today. When we’ve finally exhausted ourselves at the end of the day, we plop down in front of Facebook to see what everyone else is doing.

There’s obviously something terrifying about being still and silent. I can’t sit still in silence very long with anyone before we get uncomfortable and talk about the weather or last night’s episode of American Idol. We can all relate to the dating experience and remembering how the most frightening thing that could happen is that you and your date have nothing to say to each other.

The reason that stillness is so scary is because in that space, the truth of who you are emerges. The Real You. And with that, all the unprocessed fears, doubt, worry, and emotions bubble up to the surface, forcing you to face yourself.

Keeping busy makes it easy for the false you, the human ego, to mask itself. It feels in control of Life in the completion of all its seemingly important tasks. When the ego can control its tasks, it also feels in control of results and external conditions. The ego isn’t ultimately in control of external conditions, even though it likes to think it is. Even though the ego contributes to creation via it’s thoughts, the governor of Life is actually the soul.

Although the soul may appear at times to quietly watch from the sidelines, there comes a point in time where it impresses itself onto the personality, revealing all the fears and insecurities and forcing them to the surface. In the beginning this is experienced as a low-level discontent in the background of life, a feeling that there must be “something more”. When we’re not ready to deal with it yet, we try to cover up this dissatisfaction with various addictions and distractions, and by keeping busy.

If you have the courage to face yourself, you’ll eventually find freedom. When you face the reality of your unprocessed fear or emotion, it’s no longer unconscious and can no longer be in control of everything you do. You begin to question your actions, and the reason for the unease is realized. If you’ve been hanging on to an unfulfilling job, relationship or other situation strictly because it’s comfortable, prepare to get shaken up a bit when your soul arrives.

When we realize that we are much more than we appear to be, we realize we are capable of much more than we are doing. I agree that it’s much easier to stay in the safety of a mediocre routine and ignore the voice within. But your soul would rather fail at it’s own life, than succeed at someone else’s.


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