“When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum.”
~ Unknown

If your life feels like a roller coaster, it can be comforting to remember that at any point in your existence, you can make the choice to begin again.

Beginning again is wiping the slate clean and starting over. It’s a choice you can make at any time, but one that is often avoided until you are at your wit’s end. Perhaps you are at the end of your rope financially, or you just can’t stand another day at the job you hate. Maybe the health of your body or the long-term relationship you thought would last forever is going down the drain. You arrive at a fork in your path where the only two choices are “give up” or “begin again”.

The Courageous Choice

If your life is in the dumpster, it’s easy to toss in your towel and give up. As William James once said, “most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out if they’ve got a second”. When you make the decision to give up, you come up with all sorts of excuses for yourself. “I’m too old, too fat, too dumb. I gave it my best; it didn’t work out. There’s no hope for me now – I might as well settle for what I’ve got and make the best of things.” These excuses make your existence bearable because it’s more convenient to declare yourself a victim of your life rather than the creator of it.

Conscious creators of reality view failure in a different light. If their financial life, career, relationship, or health is on the line, they face the situation with courage and grace. They view the external problem as a feedback loop, indicating where they need to make changes on an internal level. Instead of giving up, they make the decision to begin again.

To begin again, acknowledge that the reality you are living today is only a consequence of the thoughts and feelings you were holding on to yesterday. If you are unhappy with the way a circumstance is unfolding in your life, recognize that the source of the issue was once only a thought. Your freedom can begin at any time because when you realize your ability to choose a new way of thinking and perceiving, you wind up with a very new point of attraction. Asking your problem, “what are you here to teach me?” creates the opportunity to perceive it in a new light.

To Begin Again – Live in the Present

If your life revolves around the judgments of yesterday, you’ll end up stuck. You’ll program yourself into pessimism by ignoring your intuition. You’ll believe that yesterday’s failures are proof that you will fail again today.

To begin again, make a commitment to live in the present instead of the past. A genuine new beginning is a transformation whereby you begin to make decisions based on your intuition instead of the regrets of yesterday or the fears of tomorrow. In waking up each day with fresh eyes, you release the need to judge people or situations through the filter of your experience. Instead, you look towards your inner wisdom for solutions, ideas, and inspiration.

To Begin Again – Look forward to Tomorrow

If your life really sucks, present moment awareness is a challenge. It’s tempting to dwell on your current situation by focusing on how unfair it is, but in reality this only holds you in alignment with your problems.

To begin again, develop the skill of acknowledging the present while simultaneously visualizing a better tomorrow. Use of your imagination to create a future of well-being. Tap into this reality in the present moment by imagining what it will feel like when you get there.

Training yourself to look towards where you’re going instead of where you are is the only lasting way out of the hamster wheel of discontent. Anyone can “begin again”, but if you don’t change your thought patterns and vibrational frequency, you may end up in new surroundings with the same “issues” you have now.

To Begin Again – Realize You’ll Never “Get There”

In every ending lies a new beginning. Since the essence of you is eternal, you have an infinite number of new beginnings ahead of you.

When you reach a goal or dream, another one will arrive to take its’ place. Realizing a new desire and stepping onto the path of its’ fulfillment is the energetic force that summons us forward through life. Knowing that you’ll never “get there” helps you to enjoy the present moment.

Release your fear of new beginnings, and while you’re at it, let go of your fear of endings too. Ditch your resistance to change, and embrace your freedom to begin again.

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0 thoughts on “Begin Again

  1. vignjevicsasa

    I’m amazed how creative you can be and how you come up with all those words…maybe it’s not so hot down there?
    The topic you’re addressing now strangely crossed my mind a few days ago while I was walking my dog. Don’t know what prompted this, but I just started thinking what would be the best ideas for a person tired of her/his own life and wanting to end it.
    To cut the story short, one of suggestions for such a person would be to close the chapter on his/her previous identity, as if he/she had died, and use the remaining body and resources left to do something interesting or good, as if the body was borrowed by another identity.
    Since you have nothing to lose, as you decided to terminate with your own body, why not step out of it and lend it to someone with an agenda and needing some resources to fulfill it?
    What would be the missions for the “new inhabitant”?
    Walk all the way up to the North Pole? Get a gun and shoot some game hunters in the woods? Blow up a polluting refinery?
    Or something less macabre: go and serve as a housemaid for a poor family, plant trees until you drop, fly to Africa and spend all your savings on vaccines…
    Could not get my mind to think about some nicer stuff, but surely people could come up with something more romantic. The point is, you could use this last drops of energy left in you to make this small karmic leap before you go (and for some it would be the only karmic work they’ve done in their life)
    Or…establish a website where people with resources and healthy enough, but lost in space and time, could act as executors for people who know what they want and need, but never had the means to it?
    A bit off topic, but surely something to reflect upon. At least someone responded to you, right?


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