Subjective Reality

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? ”

What does the word “reality” mean to you? If you’re like most people, your definition of reality is the physical world around you. But do you ever stop and wonder if there is more to reality than meets the eye?

Last weekend I spent 3 days exploring a new definition of reality at Steve Pavlina’s Subjective Reality Workshop (SRW) in Las Vegas. Surrounded by 50 other curious people, I explored the possibility that reality is subjective, or in other words that my experience of the physical world is a dream.

Steve defines subjective reality as “the perspective that your true identity is a dreamer having a dream, so you are the conscious container in which the entire dream world takes place. Your body-mind is your avatar in the dream world; the character that gives you a first-person perspective as you interact with the contents of your own consciousness.”

Whoa. Talk about swallowing the red pill.

During the workshop, Steve reminded us that everything in our experience of reality is supposedly “stored” in our brains, which we’ve never seen. He then pointed out that we can’t verify the existence of something we can’t perceive.

The concept of subjective reality is not falsifiable, but then again neither is the concept of objective reality. Both are more like lenses through which we can choose to perceive life.

In subjective reality, we view the world as a dream-like matrix that is reflecting back to us our thoughts and beliefs. There are no accidents in this model. Everything and everyone in our lives serve an important purpose.

Benefits of Subjective Reality

In my opinion, the sweetest benefit of the subjective reality perspective lies in the power we all have to create our own experience. Subjective reality is not just a dream; it’s a lucid dream, meaning that you can wake up within the dream and consciously program your life as you want it to be (in other words, you can “create your own reality”).

A second benefit of viewing life through the lens of subjective reality is that it dissolves the tremendous amount of fear, stress, and anxiety that are normal states of consciousness within the objective state. Why be afraid of anything if it’s all just a dream??

The third benefit I see with SR lies in its potential to create powerful relationships. In this model, I am only ever in a relationship with myself. Everyone I encounter is an aspect of my consciousness, reflecting back to me my own thoughts and beliefs. How could I ever have an enemy?? In SR, there are no enemies; just reflections. Therefore, the most powerful choice I can make when it comes to relationships is create a sense of inner harmony within myself.

A Subjective Reality Trial…

Overall, I find the subjective reality mindset very empowering, which is why I’ve decided to complete a 30-day trial where I immerse myself in the philosophy and write about my experiences along the way. During the trial, I plan to to:

• Practice meditation, affirmations, & visualization to “program” the dream matrix for at least 30 minutes / day
• Create a very specific list of my dreams and goals
• Keep a daily journal to record signs and synchronicities from the dream matrix
• Experiment with lucid dreaming
• Blog about my results

I’m kicking this trial off tomorrow and it will last until the end of November. If you’re interested in reading more about SR, read this article or any of the other articles on subjective reality on Steve’s website.

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of Subjective Reality

  1. Steve Pavlina

    Awesome, KB. Have fun with it.

    - from a figment (I don’t really exist right now, but you manifested some words on a screen from whatever you believe I represent).

    Please dream about me learning music and having fun with it. :)


    1. kb Post author

      Hi dream Steve,
      I’m already dreaming about you learning music… in fact, I’ll be sending you some Lotus Theory mp3′s tomorrow. :)
      xo kb.


  2. Angela

    How fun! I am just finishing up an October-full of my experiment in Lucid Waking, and it has been phenomenal! I have approached it a little differently, though – no plans or lists or rules, just taking each level of dreaming as I dream it, and responding to the dream in the moment. Fun, fun, fun!!! Some moments have been very funny, when I’ve tried explaining to one of my dream characters what’s going on. Lots of Scooby-huh? faces. Lots of laughing!


  3. Aaron

    I’m grateful to have you as a figment in my reality! Now make sure you program it good these next 30 days, y’hear!! :)


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