Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Mind“A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind.”
~Dr Laurence J. Peter

If the outer world is just a mirror of your inner world, what does your personal environment say about you? Is it meticulous or messy? Ordinary or eclectic? Repetitive or radiant?

I don’t work well in the midst of disorganization. Yesterday after several attempts to write a blog, I finally came to terms with the fact that the words just weren’t flowing.  After tuning into my intuition I realized that it wasn’t a good day to write… but that it was a good day to do something else – clear my clutter.

I’m not one to hang on to a ton of clutter, but like any North American household, sometimes more stuff flows into my home than flows out of it. Apparently I’m not the only one dealing with this problem, judging by the influx of new TV shows like TLC’s “Clean Sweep” and shops like “The Container Store” which are popping up every other week. But six months after most of our clean sweep makeovers, the junk has piled up all over again. How on earth can we clear the clutter once and for all?

The most lasting way of ridding yourself of clutter is to deal with it on an internal level. Outer clutter is a sign of inner clutter, and both are equally important to clean up. Making an effort to clean out your cluttered head in conjunction with your kitchen cupboards is really the only way to make lasting changes to your personal space.

Cluttered Thoughts

It is common for people to fluctuate in size over the course of their lifetime, and even more common to hang on to the old clothes that no longer fit. If you are holding on to clothes that don’t fit, chances are you are holding on to thoughts that don’t fit, either.

Do you think there is something wrong with the size you now are? Hanging on to a thought that indicates there is something wrong the way you look now is much more destructive than an overflowing closet. What’s even worse is that your appearance will most likely degrade from this point on if you don’t make an effort to eradicate your thoughts of self-hatred.

The truth is that you are stunning as you are now, and you have been stunning each and every day of your life on this planet. What is more beautiful than divinity expressing itself in form? That is what we all are, and we come in all shapes and sizes. Isn’t it finally time to give a “clean sweep” to any thoughts that state otherwise?

Clutter is Stagnant Energy

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of “stuff”, as long as your “stuff” is being used regularly. Like everything in existence, at a deeper level your possessions are comprised of pure energy. Things that are not being used, cared for, looked at, appreciated, or enjoyed are an indication of stagnant energy. When you clear clutter from your environment you also remove the stagnancy in your life and encourage the flow of energy into your surroundings.

Everything in the material world has a purpose for being. Holding onto something you don’t use denies it from living its’ purpose. Why not pass it on to someone who can appreciate it? In doing so you’ll fulfill your own life purpose by giving.

Create Room to Grow

“Ecdysis” is the scientific term for the shedding of a snake’s skin. Snakes shed their skin once or twice per month to allow for continued growth and development. Snakeskin differs from a mammal’s skin in that it does not grow with the animal. In order to break through the limitation of its’ current capacity, the snake must release its’ old layer of skin to reveal a new one.

Like snakes, we too must release all things in our lives that we have outgrown. This includes relationships, careers, and environments as well as possessions. Holding on to things you have outgrown is an indication of your resistance to change; while being willing to let go reinforces your willingness to grow. If a snake ceased to release their old skin they would suffocate in limitation. What people, places, or possessions are suffocating you? Let go of them, and have faith that something new is close at hand, just waiting to to take their place.


Even though I didn’t blog yesterday, my time was well spent as I cleaned out and delivered my unused items to new owners. I donated my clothes to the women’s shelter and my crafts to the thrift store. I gave some of my books to a talented photographer who I thought would find them inspirational. I sold my old iPod on Kijiji. At the end of the day I felt energized and clear minded, and knew I had cleaned out my head along with my closet.

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0 thoughts on “Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Mind

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  2. lakshmi

    Hey katie,
    Even though we sat in same row at CGW2, we never got a chance to connect. Feel little odd about that..But this article arrives very synchronous into my life. Just yesterday I was talking about this to him..Outer clutter is a reflection of inner clutter and you said the same…This has been my challenge..I cannot let go of an an article I printed even though I knew pretty well that I won’t have time to read it..Time to throw things away…


  3. Teresa

    Great post, KB! It is all so true… I think I hold on to things because they are useful, and I don’t want to get rid of them in case I need them someday. I think it has to do with my upbringing — a German-Canadian sort of “times are tough” make-use-of-everything attitude. I know it’s outdated, but it is still hard to fight that — it’s very ingrained. I guess I just have to identify it whenever I realize that’s what I’m thinking and insert a new thought. :) Maybe “yes, this may be useful but not to me now, or in the next month.” Or “realistically, this is easy to replace should I discover I need one a year from now.” Or “I haven’t needed this for 2 years, it’s GONE!” :)

    I don’t have this problem as much with mementos or home decorations — I can get rid of those more easily. :D Not useful! Not so easy to get rid of extra books… although I have freed a few using Bookcrossing (.com). :)

    Anyways, great post, thanks for sharing! :D


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