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I’m a big advocate of following your intuition. This is because when I follow my intuition, things go well. When I don’t follow my intuition, things go… not so well.

Therefore when I’m giving other people advice, I often get the urge to shake them and scream, “FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION!!!”. Unfortunately some people find this frightening. The other drawback is that not everybody knows what “intuition” is. :)

The dictionary defines intuition as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”. That’s an accurate description, but let me take it a bit further.

Intuition is guidance that arises from that part of you that is more than your physical body. Mystics call this part of you your spirit, soul, or higher self. Quantum physicists might describe it as your energetic field.

In any case, you are more than just a physical body; you are part of a larger energy field. This energy field is not limited by time or space and is connected to everything in existence. Because it is connected to everything, its WIDSOM is unparalleled. This wisdom communicates to us through our intuition.

Intuition is sometimes described as the “still, small voice”, but it doesn’t usually communicate with you in words. In fact it almost always communicates to you via your emotions, which is why many people describe intuition as a “gut feeling”.

Can you think of a time when you “felt” something was wrong? My most memorable intuition story happened a few years ago. I was hanging out with my dad in Arizona, and we decided to go to Mexico for the day to buy silver and play with chihuahuas. But when we got to the border, we both felt “off”. There was a layer of “dread” in the air that felt thicker than fog.  Even my dad, who is not exactly the psychic type, had a bad feeling about spending the day in Mexico. So even though we had already paid for parking and driven 2 hours to get there, we ended up turning around and driving right back to our hotel.

Obviously I can’t prove that something bad would have happened had we crossed the border to Mexico that day. But the most interesting thing about the experience was that my dad picked up on the bad vibes even though he does not make an effort to tune into his intuition on a regular basis. Also, we had taken day trips to Mexico in the past with no problems, so I knew that our feelings weren’t a result of a previous negative experience.

Ever since that day, I’ve thought of my intuition as an inner coach or counselor that I can call upon at any time. I trust it knows what’s best for me because it can see the big picture.

What I’d love for you to understand is that THINKING LESS and INTUITING MORE can solve all of your toughest problems. Quiet your mind and listen for your intuitive feelings. They really do have all the answers that you’re searching for.



Do you have a good intuition story? Please share it with me by leaving a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Define Intuition – What Is Intuition?

  1. Lois Hughes

    Hi KB. I don’t have a story about intuition per se, but I do not how I feel when my intuition is speaking and I’m not listening. There have been many times in my life when I’ve had an immediate reaction to a situation or person i.e. my intuition – and I’ve just gone along doing what was expected of me or what wouldn’t make the other person uncomfortable.

    What happens, of course, is that I then carry a big knot in my stomach knowing that something doesn’t feel right. In recent years, I have paid more and more attention to stopping when I hear my inner voice speaking, then thinking for a moment and then doing what’s right for me. Not easy to do and always an ongoing process.

    Thanks for an excellent post!


  2. Bobbi

    Hi KB,
    Interesting that you are writing about this subject. I’ve also been contemplating intuition. My most significant intuition story…it happened in my dreams. I dreamt that my partner was betraying me and in fact it was happening. In my waking life I knew something wasn’t right, but in my dreams I processed the signals that my waking self had trouble seeing. I pay attention to my dreams. They reveal a lot about my emotions, issues I’m struggling with and may not be aware of, and things going on right before my eyes.
    Thanks for asking us to share,


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