Your-Life-Matters“You’re not a wave, you’re a part of the ocean.”
- Mitch Albom

Do you ever feel like you don’t matter? If you dropped off the face of the earth today, would anyone notice?

Sometimes I wonder that myself. For example, I’ve been pouring quite a few hours of my time into writing these blogs. Are people reading them? Yes. But are people getting anything out of my writing? I don’t know.

Today I was feeling discouraged.  I felt the urge to ask the Universe, “How many readers are required to warrant all the time, money, and energy I put into this website?”

The answer arrived immediately when I was directed to this passage from the book, “Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman:

“…Mama Chia was reacting to one of the saddest and strangest sights I’d ever beheld: Thousands of starfish, washed up by the recent storm, littered the beach. Beautiful five-pointed stars, pink and tan, lay in the hot sand, drying out and dying. I stopped in my tracks, awestruck by this massive marine graveyard. Confronted by thousands of dying creatures, I felt numb and helpless.
Mama Chia, however, without missing a single limping step, walked over to a nearby starfish, bent over, picked it up, walked to the water’s edge, and placed it in the water. She then walked back and picked up another little star, and returned the creature to the sea.
Completely overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of starfish, I said, “Mama Chia, there are so many – how can what you’re doing make any difference?” She looked up at me for a moment as she lowered another starfish into the sea. ‘It makes a difference to this one,’ she replied.”

Do I make a difference upon the planet? Do I matter? The answer is yes. Even if only one person is inspired or helped by what I do or who I am, all of the effort is worthwhile.

You too, make a difference in the world. The sheer presence of you is a blessing upon the planet. You came here for a reason, and without you, the rest of us would suffer. You are here to express yourself in a way that no other human in the history of mankind has ever done. You have unique gifts and talents that are only yours to deliver, and that are just waiting to be unwrapped.

How can you help your fellow “starfish”? By using your originality to create something of value for them. Throw them back into the sea by giving of yourself in a way that none of the other starfish can.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t giving of yourself in the same way I am giving of myself. We’re not here to replicate each other. We are each as unique as snowflakes, and we each have been given our own spot to land. You don’t even have to do anything special to make a difference; you just have to be. Your presence alone contributes to the well being of the planet because it influences the earth’s overall frequency.

In a multidimensional Universe, we are all connected. Everything I think, say, and do affects you and vice versa. On the deeper level of reality I AM you, and you are me. The most common delusion on our planet is that we are separate. You do make a difference, and so do I.

I’d like to thank you for being you, and while I’m dishing out the compliments, I’ll thank me for being me. Keep doing whatever it is that you do, and know that you matter deeply to us all.

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