“We are the same as plants,
as trees, as other people,
as the rain that falls.
We consist of that which is around us,
we are the same as everything.”

- Buddha

Once in a while I talk to someone who tells me they’re “not a spiritual person”. While I honor each individual’s beliefs, I always catch myself grinning at this statement because when someone tells me they’re “not spiritual” it’s like having a fish tell me that it’s “not much of a swimmer”.

It’s as if the fish has become so accustomed to the presence of water that it doesn’t realize it’s already swimming. In the same way, many people have become so preoccupied by the external world that they have forgotten that they are “swimming” in an invisible field of energy – a field of pure spirit.

In my eyes, everyone and everything is spirit. Every person, place, relationship, event, animal, plant, situation…. is something that has manifested from an invisible world of spirit. This isn’t a perspective from any specific religion or denomination. Everything is spirit because everything is energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed; it merely changes form. Everything is spirit because everything that exists is something that has arisen out of the invisible field of intelligent consciousness that not only surrounds us but also expresses itself through us. At some point everything in existence also returns to the invisible plane.

I like to ask people who say they don’t believe in a spiritual realm if they have ever experienced love. Skeptics often need physical proof to believe in something, which I can understand. However, many realize they already believe in something that can’t be seen with physical eyes when they realize they can validate the experience of Love.

How do we know when we love another? We feel it. We don’t have any physical proof, it’s just a feeling. We can sense love because in reality, there is much more to us than our physical bodies. We are energetic, vibrational beings interpreting different frequencies of vibration. Our eyes, ears, nose, and tongue are only some of the tools we use to interpret vibration. When we feel unconditional Love we are sensing one of the highest vibrational frequencies in existence, along with gratitude and joy.

Very rarely do I bother trying to convince a skeptic that everything is spirit. It’s like trying to get a fish to see water. Skeptics often aren’t in tune with their intuition and find it difficult to sense anything beyond the physical.  Since most of my perceptions are based on feelings from my inner guidance system, that puts me and the skeptic on two totally different wavelengths. But it does make me feel wonderful to look into the eyes of a skeptic, only to see the presence of something he can’t yet see for himself.

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