“You don’t drown by falling into water. You drown by staying there.”
- Robert Allen

This week I spent five action packed days in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The purpose of my trip was to attend my godson’s baptism, but I also did some sightseeing along the way. I stayed in an area of town known as “The Forks”, which is named after a meeting point of 2 rivers.

As I took a boat ride along The Forks, I began to think about “the river of life” and the forks in our path; the turning points of our experience. Moment to moment, the small and large decisions we make in Life inevitably lead us down one “river” or another. Our future is not set in stone; but rather it is as fluid as the movement of of a river. The paths we take originate as streams of thought, which influence our conscious and unconscious choices. These decisions lead us to various probabilities and possibilities and can also lead us into an unhealthy state of stagnation.

Probability versus Possibility

The river of life is comprised of multiple scenarios of probabilities and possibilities. The “probability” of your future experience is based on your current set point with regards to the law of attraction; in other words it is the scenario that will most likely play out if you make no change to your current thought patterns, beliefs, or energetic frequency.

Then there are the “possibilities” of your future, which can be positive or negative depending on the evolution or deterioration of your thought processes. I call the most positive possible outcome of your experience your life purpose, and it is this reality that your soul is calling you to fulfill during your lifetime. In order to fulfill your life purpose, you may first have to re-program your mind with new and healthy ways of thinking and perceiving reality, thereby raising your vibrational frequency and changing your point of attraction. Changing your point of attraction takes you down a new “fork” in the river of life because all of your life that are no longer in alignment with your new state of being will drop away, leaving space for new and more positive ones to take their place.


Stagnation in water is a major environmental hazard that breeds bacteria, parasites, and disease. Few people realize that similar inactivity in the river of their life experience is also an unhealthy form of stagnation.

The river of Life is meant to be a fluid, flowing evolution of positive change. When we choose to harbor negative thoughts or refuse to change, we hold ourselves in a debilitating rut of stagnation. Disease and deterioration in the physical body is not a natural occurrence, but rather it is a physical manifestation of the emotional, mental, and spiritual stagnation that cause energetic blocks in the body.

Emotional Stagnation

Emotional stagnation occurs when you fail to process old hurts from the past. It is easily identified by certain memories that continue to trigger negative emotions such as anger, guilt, regret, depression, and so on. When you fail to properly process an emotion in present time, it becomes stored in your energetic system, depleting a percentage of the life force your body uses to function properly. Emotional stagnation is harmful to your physical health and can also prevent you from creating the life you desire because it influences your energetic frequency. Depending on the severity of your pent up emotion, there are several methods you can use to release it, such as journaling, E.F.T., BodyTalk, psychotherapy or counseling. The most useful tool is to learn to fully feel and process your emotions as they surface instead of repressing them into your subtle body.

Mental Stagnation

Mental Stagnation occurs when you hang on to detrimental thoughts that cause you to re-create the same negative situations over and over again. An example of this is the tendency to re-create debt or lack by maintaining thoughts of scarcity; or by continually complaining about the price of something instead of appreciating the fact that it is available to you.

In a state of mental stagnation, the external circumstances of your life may change but the “essence” remains the same; for example you may dump your girlfriend and get another one, only to re-create the same “problems” of your previous relationship. The only remedy for mental stagnation is to examine the areas of your life that aren’t working, scan your mind to find the belief that most likely created the situation, and consciously re-program yourself into new ways of thinking.

Spiritual Stagnation

Spiritual stagnation occurs when you harbor a false sense of God, or you disregard the world of spirit altogether.

A false sense of divinity is the perception that God is like “Santa Claus” – a man “up north”, keeping track of all your shortcomings so that he can judge you at a later date. This belief places all your personal power outside of yourself and makes it easy to play the victim, instead of the creator of your life experience. Spiritual stagnation occurs when you perpetuate this victim mentality.

Denying the existence of a higher power altogether is just as detrimental because it disregards the power of “The Force”, a field of wisdom most apparent as the field of intelligence within your physical body. Refusing to acknowledge this power prevents you from partnering with it to co-create a better life for yourself and for others.

Escaping spiritual stagnation does not mean you have to go to church or join a religion. It simply requires you to honor the intelligence operating within you by acknowledging it on a regular basis.

Going with the Flow

In the river of life, some moments will be as peaceful as a canoe ride and other times will feel like a treacherous white water rafting adventure. “Going with the flow” is the secret to maintaining joy and abundance no matter how choppy the water becomes. In going with the flow you accept change, live in the moment, process emotion, and create your own reality by consciously choosing healthy ways of thinking.

Finally, as you float along the river of life, remember that you have an expert tour guide otherwise known as your intuition at your disposal. If you allow your soul to take the helm, the next fork in the river of Life will lead you to an ocean of pearls and prosperity.

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