“The walls we build around us to keep sadness out
also keep out the joy.”
~ Jim Rohn

I have to admit that as I sit here attempting to write a blog today, the tears in my eyes are distracting me. Yes, I’m crying. And it’s not a soft, feminine cry; it is a full-blown “ugly” cry, as Oprah Winfrey would say.

The tears started rolling during this morning’s yoga class, after a series of backbends. Though I used to be skeptical of the premise that yoga releases emotion from the body, now I know it to be true.

Fortunately I’m not the only one who cries during yoga; “sob-asana” is fairly common. But in a culture of emotional suppression, most of us are used to doing almost anything we can to turn our backs on the discomfort of certain feelings. So we eat, we drink, we drug, we shop. We smoke, we gamble, we work, we sleep. We do anything just to pacify the lifetime of pain that has accumulated in our hearts.

What we don’t realize is that when we refuse to fully feel our emotions, they never really leave us. Instead they become suppressed in our bodies in the form of energetic vibrations. These distortions in our energy field are one of vibrational sources of physical discomfort – “our issues are in our tissues”.

If you don’t want your body to turn into an emotional garbage dump, find a healthy way to deal with your uncomfortable feelings. Journal, meditate, do yoga, see a therapist. Take up boxing if you have to, but don’t disconnect from your feelings.

Your heart isn’t meant to be numb. What are you running away from?

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0 thoughts on “Get In Touch With Your Emotions

  1. mteague73

    “Sob-asana” killed me. Been happening to me a lot in class. Tiny bit embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as being miserable and emotionally locked up.
    Good, short, sweet read.


  2. lilkitn

    This is one of the biggest things I have to work on. I find myself easily distracted and bored with many things. I have trouble staying in the moment and feeling things. But, like I said, I’m working on it. My new mantra is “Dedicate yourself to this moment”. I find it brings me back when my mind is wandering. One of the things I found that works for me so far is renting a sappy movie by myself and just letting it all out, since there is no one around to see you sobbing. Now to moving on and feeling in the moments of my life!


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