Why HI THERE, September. Where are you hiding June, July, and August? I could swear that yesterday was May 15th.

I find September to be very motivating. You see, in the summer, I wing it. I get up when I feel like it. I write when I feel like it. I do yoga when I feel like it. But when September comes, I want structure. I want to LEARN. I want to GROW. I want to SET THE ALARM (ok that last one is a bit of a fib. Not a fan of the alarm. Or chunky sweaters. Or boots. ‘Cause that means SNOW is coming).

September is also a great time to EMBRACE CHANGE. Since everything is changing anyway, you might as well roll with it. Michael Beckwith says that if you stay the same, you’re actually falling behind, because everything else in the Universe is moving forward without you.

Stagnation is not normal and it’s not healthy. But what happens when your life is changing in a way that frustrates you?

It’s important to realize that change in itself does not have the power to make you unhappy. However your THOUGHTS about change CAN make you unhappy!

It’s all in the way you think about it. If your thoughts resist change, life is going to suck. If your thoughts welcome change, life is going to rock.

There’s a little phrase I like to say to myself when things to not appear to be changing in my favor:


When I ask myself this question, I find it easy to drop the resistant thoughts that are dragging me down. I remember that things are working out for the best for me, as they always do.

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2 thoughts on “How to Accept Change

  1. I.M. Herman

    Someone once said to me “everything changes”, as if it were strange! Yes, everything changes because we are part of the multiverse which changes constantly. Everything chages because movement is part of life. Resistance is fear and that is all.


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