how-to-be-elegantIt is not easy
To stop thinking ill
Of others.

Usually one must enter into a friendship
With a person

Who has accomplished that great feat himself.


Might start to rub off on you
Of that


- Hafiz.



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2 thoughts on “How to Be Elegant

  1. Rahul karan

    I tried to keep myself calm today morning but they tried teasing me, till now what could i do. i am willing to be nice to them but they ain’t stoping tracking me and bugging me, they try character assassination and tease me here to make me shout but i try to keep as quiet as possible.


  2. Rahul karan

    ps i’m not gay …i am just blissful enough to follow my intuition, my passion and really enthusiastic about programming and computers, but i’m not a complete nerd but a cuil kinda nerd like i like gals, pubs and discos … and whenever i try to study they come and bug me up disturbing me … don’t help me but just know the truth .


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