For the past couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with the low-fat raw vegan (LFRV) diet. This diet is also known as the “80-10-10″ diet or “811″ for short.

The low-fat raw vegan diet is comprised of mostly sweet fruits, a teeny bit of nuts & seeds and a heckuva lot of leafy greens. How many greens? Well, my poop is green. I know this is too much information for you, but it’s a vital piece of information in order to comprehend just how many greens  I’m eating.

Anyhoo, I’d say about 80% – 90% of my food intake at this time is LFRV. The rest of my diet (about 4 meals/week) is cooked vegan or vegetarian.

On the low-fat raw vegan diet, it is important to like bananas. I’m sure you could get by without bananas, but they really are a staple. Even the most prominent online LFRV community is called, “30 Bananas a Day”. So it’s a good thing I like bananas.

One thing I’ve learned about bananas is that there’s an art to purchasing them. It takes a certain amount of planning. Brainstorming. Conspiring. Otherwise you wind up with a “banana situation”. And NOBODY wants a banana situation.

A banana situation happens when you run out of perfectly ripe bananas. You’re all ready for that raw vegan smoothie, pudding, ice cream or “banana-nog”, and all of a sudden you realize you don’t have any bananas. Well, you do have some bananas, but they’re not ripe. Your bananas are greener than Kermit’s toes.  It’s not easy being a green banana.

So may I present to you today’s blog post, “the art of buying bananas”.  Note that you don’t have to be a LFRV to appreciate this article, ’cause doesn’t everyone love bananas???

Step One: Number Crunching

This first step to buying bananas is to figure out just how many bananas you’re going to need for the week. The formula is simple:

(how-many-bananas-I-eat-per-day) X 7 = how-many-bananas-I-need-to-buy-for-the-week

I eat about 6 bananas per day, which means I will need to buy 42 bananas this week.

Step Two: Calculate Ripening Time

It usually takes bananas 3 – 4 days to ripen from the day I purchase them.

What this means is that I’m going to need to make TWO shopping trips. If I buy all 42 bananas at once, I will have too many. If I buy less than 21, I will run out. So I need to plan my two banana shopping trips and pencil them into my schedule accordingly.

This week I have planned to shop for bananas on SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY.

Step Three: Picking the Bananas

When it comes time to buy the bananas, I need to purposefully pick out bananas at various stages of development. The best idea is to pick some really green ones, some partially-yellow ones, and some speckly brown ones. This will ensure that my 21 bananas do not ripen all on the same day.

Step Four: Buy More Bananas Than You Need

If you’re at the store anyways, might as well pick up a few extra bananas, or EVEN BETTER – look for the discounted bananas that are over-ripe and buy those. No, you’re not making banana bread. You’re going to FREEZE these bananas in case of an emergency banana situation. OR you can use your frozen bananas to make ice cream.

Here’s my banana collection for the next few days.  Isn’t it beautiful???

And THAT’S how to shop for bananas.

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3 thoughts on “The Art of Buying Bananas

  1. Ender Ayanethos

    I’m doing a lifestyle design experiment for 30 days with the low fat raw vegan diet and I average around 30 apple bananas a day. They’re smaller and sweeter than the regular bananas in the store and are the norm here in Hawaii. My biggest day is 50! I’ve never bought too many bananas, ever. Even that one day when I filled my backpacking backpack to the top with them, I still ran out!

    Check out a picture of my banana stash here:

    much aloha,


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