How to Deal With an Anxiety Attack

Wow. Long time no blog. You all must be wondering what the heck is happening with the subjective reality trial that I’ve so poorly documented.

You see, this is why I don’t love 30-day trials. I mean they’re great on my end. But you’re left hanging on the edge of your seat while the 30-day trial distracts me from writing about it.

I must admit that I’ve been otherwise occupied by my dream-world responsibilities. Last week I moved (the fancy-pants tech term is “migrated”) my entire website to a new web host. Migrating my site was not what I would call a “fun” endeavor. For example, I lost all my Facebook “likes”, tweet counts and Google pluses in the process. So thanks in advance for reviewing all 175 of my old blog posts and “liking” them all over again. ☺

I’ve also been busy plotting out a plan of action for world domination in 2012. This will include a new book and a new look for my website and vlogs. In marketing land, they call this “re-branding”. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that term because it makes me feel like wrapping myself in cellophane and sitting on a shelf in Wal-Mart. But know that there is exciting stuff is in the works.

Back to the SR trial… so picking up where we left off (fearlessness), I am still totally enjoying the high I get from my morning meditation and visualization. The only problem is that the high starts to wear off after a couple hours. If I don’t take 5 minutes to meditate and  visualize all over again, I find myself back in my old vibration. And by the end of the day, I’ve often lost my high vibes and my SR perspective.

A good example of this happened last week, when I went to take my dogs to the vet. I meditated in the morning, but the appointment wasn’t until 7pm.

(May I interject here and state that taking my dogs to the vet is probably the most anxiety-inducing activity that I can think of. This is why the dogs are 6 months overdue for their checkups. I think it’s the combination of medical stuff (major heebie-jeebies), worry about my “kids” and spending large amounts of money that does it. In any case, going to the vet makes me completely nauseous and in need of a prescription for valium.)

So I’m driving the dogs to the vet and I am doing my best to keep it together. The dogs are in the backseat going bonkers, but I’ve got my iPod on and I’m listening to the relaxing tunes of Ashana. I’m also doing a little bit of Ujayi breathing and calling upon each and every spiritual icon I know of to come and relieve us all of our suffering.

We get to the vet. Nothing exciting to report. Monty gets his shot. Scooby gets his shot. Monty is healthy but a bit underweight. Scooby needs to come back and get a dental. The end.

You’d think that would be the end of it, but on the way home I had a complete and utter emotional breakdown. I started thinking about the day we had to put our last greyhound down, and all this sadness and anxiety gushed out of me. It was not a pretty picture.

When I got home I did something I never do. I had a shot of liquor. Then I went straight to bed, hoping that the next day would be much better (it was).

The point of this story is that acquiring an SR perspective is not something that happens overnight, at least not for me. Which is why I will probably extend this trial indefinitely.

Or at least until I can take the dogs to the vet without boozing it up afterwards. ☺

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6 thoughts on “How to Deal With an Anxiety Attack

  1. Sasa Vignjevic

    For this I blame your husband. He shouldn’t have let you go create the reality completely on your own. His job is to give you a reality slap :-)
    Remember the Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza used the “serenity now!” mantra to calm himself each time Estelle raised his blood pressure? No?
    In short – frequent use of the above mantra would suppress the anger and build up the mental pressure inside Frank Costanza, leading to possible mental damage. Stupid episode.
    My suggestion would be to slip in just one “violent” activity into your schedule to went out the pressure. Maybe wild, uncontrolled sex? ;-)


  2. Matthew

    I deal with my anxiety attacks (which are increasingly rare, but triggered horribly by last guided meditation class) in pretty stupid, self destructive ways, like getting a chocolate shake and onion rings. There’s a better way, sure, but it’s what I do. (*SHAME*)


    1. KB Post author

      A lot of us deal with them that way Matthew! Right now I’m reading the 80/10/10 diet by Douglas Graham. He talks about how we eat to direct our energy to our digestive system rather than our nervous system (ie. instead of fully feeling our emotions). It’s actually pretty interesting stuff.


  3. Jeff Yooper Smith

    Thanks for sharing KB! I have had similar experience in my SR experiments…some days are all awesome and in the flow, and others not so much…keep going…more reminders through out the day help me, AND it still have bad days…


    1. KB Post author

      Yo Jeff!

      Yep, it’s the CONTRAST that helps us decipher just what is a good day versus a bad day…. so let’s be thankful for it! xo


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