Feeling Sorry for Yourself“A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion.”
~ Chinese Proverb

Every day we are required to make hundreds of decisions. Although some decisions seem meaningless, every single decision we make affects us on some level. There is no such thing as a small decision.

For example, what you ate for breakfast this morning may appear to be insignificant, until you consider the fact that your dietary choices affect the quality of your thoughts and the vibrational frequency of your entire being. All of a sudden, the simple decision of what to eat each day becomes monumental. The quality of your mental, spiritual, and physical life could all depend on whether you chose to eat a waffle or a banana.

Or what about the decisions of what to buy at the supermarket? For some people it’s a simple decision; just buy what’s on sale. But what if that brand you’re considering is destroying the planet with catastrophic pollution or testing on animals? What if the product you’re about to purchase is harmful to your health? Hmmm… Maybe these simple decisions aren’t so insignificant after all.

Then there are the decisions we perceive as critical. The decision to go to college and what to study, the decision to get married, the decision to get divorced, the decision to have children and how many, the decision to start a business, the decision to buy a house and which one, the decision to have chemotherapy… the list of crucial life decisions is endless.

Our Most Common Decision

Because we have so many decisions to make, the most common choice we make is one of avoidance – the decision to do nothing. For many people, making a decision is such a terrifying process that avoidance is their only escape. The decision to do nothing is very effective way of holding on to psychological safety by avoiding change. It helps us steer clear of the fear involved in making the wrong decision.

Reasons We Avoid Decisions

There are several reasons why we avoid making a decision. One reason is the underlying awareness of our unity. Subconsciously, we know that every decision we make is crucial because when we make a choice, it affects not only our own lives but also the lives of every living being on the planet. Deep down we sense our connection, and we yearn to make the best decisions for ourselves and for all concerned. The pressure of making the best decision for an entire planet is terrifying.

Another reason we avoid making a decision is because we’re overwhelmed. In our modern society, we are required to make more decisions in one day than our ancestors did in their entire lifetimes. How are we supposed to know how to make the right decision when faced with such a mountain of endless possibilities?

A third reason we avoid making a decision is because we don’t have the courage to override our logical mind. This occurs when your practical, conditioned, logical mind is telling you to go one way but your heart is leading you in the opposite direction. You end up confused, and if you don’t have the courage to follow your heart, you become stuck in a rut of stagnation.

How to Make a Decision

The quickest way to make a decision is found in removing the logical mind from your decision making process. This includes not only YOUR logical mind, but the also the logical mind of your family and friends. Only YOU know what’s best for you, because you are the only one who has access to your intuition. Your intuition is your most valued accomplice in making decisions because it is the part of you that can see the bigger picture. It is connected to all the other souls on the planet and to the Earth herself. It knows your past and probable futures, as well as all the goals, dreams, and desires that have been launched from the consciousness that is appearing on the planet as you. Your intuition is guiding you towards a life that is in alignment with everything you’ve ever wanted, and it is leading you to it in the quickest, easiest way possible. This path does NOT usually involve the most practical or logical choices.

The easiest way to override your logical mind when making a decision is to ask yourself how you FEEL about each option. To make a decision, the real secret is giving up the need to think it over. One out of all of the possibilities will feel noticeably better than the others, and that is the option you should choose.

Another trick to ease the terror of making a decision is by realizing that the Universe is flexible and flowing. It’s not possible to make a “wrong” decision, because the Infinite Intelligence has the ability to mold itself around every decision you make. If you’re truly meant to land that job, get the girl, or heal your body, you will. There are an unlimited number of ways to “get there”, and you’ll always have the opportunity to choose again.

We’ll never be free of decisions, but we can be free of the anxiety and fear involved in making them. Good luck with all your decisions today, and when you arise with a smile for breakfast tomorrow, remember to choose the banana. That is, unless your heart says “waffles”. ☺

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0 thoughts on “How To Make a Decision in 10 Seconds or Less

  1. vignjevicsasa

    in one of the numerous personal development audios I’ve been listening to, somebody makes the difference between “successful” and “unsuccessful” people:
    “successful” people make decisions quick and stick to them
    “unsuccessful” people are slow in making decisions and often change them later
    Usually I am quick in making decisions (not so in the past), as first impulse is usually the right one. Of course, than I tend to defend my decision with all my weaponry if somebody challenges it-even if it turns out to be wrong.
    Somehow persistence and integrity have a higher priority than being right; then again, what is right, and what is wrong?
    How do you judge whether your decision was good or bad?
    From each disaster comes something great, and each success gives birth to a new challenge.
    So…knowing that you cannot be wrong each way may make it easier for you to decide upon first impulse. Most important decision of my life-who will be the woman of my life-was made in a second, and I knew from the beginning without any dilemmas how my life will develop from there.
    As Anthony Robbins nicely said: “decision in greek means to cut yourself from something”
    Making a decision means taking a knife and cutting some strings that attached you to something previously established. And that might cause fear.

    Of course, I am not talking about bananas…


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