The word on the street is that Thanksgiving is coming. At least for the lucky folks south of the Canadian border.

But not for us Canadians. We stuffed ourselves silly weeks ago, as we tend to be fashionably ahead of the times. Thanksgiving is SO last month, Americans. Get with it.

I know from experience that Thanksgiving can be stressful. Trying to get the mashed potatoes just right as Uncle John gets drunk and makes a pass at your sister-in-law.  Bending over to pick up your fallen napkin and splitting your pants.  Let’s hear it for Thanksgiving!!

However this year I have a secret to share with you that I promise will make everything okay.  I encourage you to use it with fervor from now until January 1st.

May I present to you, “The Magic Button”:


Well? Did it work? Record your results in the comments below.

And hey – Happy Thanksgiving, eh?

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