“Our aspirations are our possibilities.”
- Samuel Johnson

Every thought you think creates your future experience. The irony of this is that if you think it works, you’re right. However if you think it doesn’t work, you’re also right… because every thought you think creates your future experience.

Many people who discover mind power for the first time become very excited to “make it happen“. My definition of “it”, is whatever a person wants to create in their future experience – perhaps a new relationship, fulfilling career, or more money. New thought newbies can overload themselves with post-it notes, vision boards, and visualization schemes… but their initial excitement often dissipates when they can’t figure out how to make it happen in their experience immediately. In our culture of instant gratification, we expect instantaneous results.

Everyone has the ability to create the life of his or her dreams. However this power lies dormant in most people, and even the ones who wake up to it are likely to give up before experiencing any real results. There are many reasons for this, such as the inability to focus, a blockage of unprocessed emotion, a lack of self love, or the need to follow the crowd. But two of the biggest culprits to the derailment of your goals and desires, are “impossibility thinking” and “the need to know how”.

Impossibility Thinking

If you’re ever going to make it happen, you’re going to have to ditch your habit of impossibility thinking.

Impossibility thinking is when your dominant thoughts are contrary to what you really want. For example, every person is constantly expressing preferences about what they want to experience in life. This is automatic and involuntary – for instance when you see an old car with a big dent in it, you may think to yourself, “I always want to drive a new car”. Unfortunately there may be a part of you that thinks always driving a new car is “impossible”.

In addition, everyone is given unique gifts and talents which lead them in the direction of their life purpose. The kicker is that sometimes this purpose is a big one. Most people don’t even consider pursuing their dreams because at first glance, they appear to be “impossible”.

The small percentage of people that do have the courage to take on their life purpose give up before it manifests. They declare it “impossible”. They can’t see how to make it happen.

Give Up the “How”

What all the great achievers in human history have known is that the “hows” in Life are none of our business, and that everything is possible. As Robert Schuller says, “we are all given a dream because it is possible, not because it is impossible.” If it were impossible then we wouldn’t even be able to visualize it in our minds.

There is strategy in the Infinite Mind in making dreams appear impossible, because in order to make a dream manifest we eventually have to realize that there’s a greater force at work in our lives. We can’t really make things happen all our own.

For example, have you ever sat down on the couch after dinner and thought about “how” you were going to digest your food? Or have you ever woken up in the morning and written down “grow my hair and fingernails” on your to-do list??

No, you didn’t do either of things because you are accustomed to surrendering certain tasks up to the greater Intelligence that exists within you. You accept that certain things happen on their own. This greater force within you also has the power to bring all of your dreams and desires to your doorstep, as easily as it grows your fingernails. However it can only do that when you are ready to let go of impossibility thinking and your need to know HOW to make it happen.

The Universe operates in perfect synchronicity, as everything is connected on an invisible level. This interconnectivity is the basis of how thoughts and dreams become reality. Isn’t it a relief to know you’ll never have attend another networking breakfast again, now that you have released the power that lies in the interconnectivity of the Universal Mind?

You only have one responsibility in Life, which is to decide what you want and then “line up with it”. You line up with it by focusing upon it so strongly that you generate the feeling that it has already happened. Maintain this feeling in your daily life, then leave the rest up to Universal synchronicity.

Finally, since nothing is impossible and you’re going to be thinking anyway, why not think big? Pursuing a simple dream or desire isn’t a very exciting life to lead. I’m glad the Infinite Intelligence didn’t inspire me into grandiose dreams of feeding nuts to squirrels or giving away free candy to kindergardeners. That would be too easy, and too boring. Plus, I already know HOW to do both of those things. Where’s the magic in that?

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