Magician's Rabbit in HatToday I’d like to share a little story about instant manifestation. But first, some background info for those who have no idea what the heck I’m talking about.

Instant manifestation is the art of manifesting your thoughts into physical form. Quickly. Instantly, even. (Hence the term, “INSTANT” manifestation. See where I’m going with this?) Instant manifestation is  based upon the Law of Attraction, which states that you get what you think about.

Other LOA techniques include the art of “eventual” manifestation, where your desires manifest but take forever to show up. And then there’s the art of “delayed” manifestation, where your desires hover around in vibrational reality but never show up in the physical world at all. Most of us are masters at the art of delayed manifestation.

But today I have wonderful news to share with you.  I’m slowly and surely becoming a master at the art of instant manifestation. So grab a tea and your snuggie and let me tell you a couple of stories.  ‘Cause maybe by the end of this blog post, you can be a master at the art of instant manifestation too.

Story Number One.

Picture it:  a conference room in Las Vegas in October of 2011.  I am sitting at the back of the room with my friend Darlene, passing notes and snickering like a 13-year-old.  The two of us come up with a wild idea to manifest a man in a kilt (please do not ask why.  We will blush).

And so we focus on men in kilts.  We draw pictures of men in kilts.  We laugh at the thought of men in kilts.  But unfortunately, no tartan-clad men appear in our reality.

Until a couple weeks later, when I am walking down the street in Cincinnati and am blindsided by a man stumbling out of a pub. I step back and squint at him, then rub my eyes and look again. He is wearing… a kilt!!! I  freak out and pull out my phone to text Darlene. “KILT! KILT! KILT!” is all my excitedly shaky thumbs will allow me to type.

Approximate lapse of time between thought and manifestation: 12 days.

Story Number Two.

Picture it:  Monday morning of this week.  I am all wrapped up in my snuggie with a hot tea, reading my favorite blog, The Art of Doing Stuff.  The post of the day is entitled, “What the Hell is This?, and features a picture of a strange green thing that looks like a very important tool from an extra-terrestrial’s torture kit.

Here’s a picture of “the thing”:

Immediately I know what the THING is.


Because I know this THING has something to do with avocados, my very favorite food.

But since I have no idea who the heck would even sell such a THING, I decide to forget about it for the time being.

Life goes on.  Two days later I am at a friend’s house, and I am opening my Christmas present.  I open the box and GASP!!!!!!

What do you think it was???









“THE THING!! THE THING!!  YOU GOT ME THE THING!!“, I exclaimed as tears of joy rolled down my face*.

*OK, I didn’t really cry… but I wanted to.

And just to be clear, I did not voice my desire for the THING to ANYBODY except to the Universe.  And maybe my dog, Scooby.  But trust me,  Scooby knows how to keep a secret.

Approximate lapse of time between thought and manifestation: 36 hours.


So. You wanna be an instant manifester too???  Then listen up.

In order to manifest things quickly, you’ve gotta LET GO.


If you want it badly, if you’re noticing the absence of it, if you’re whining, complaining, worrying or doubting, whatever IT is will not show up.

What the Scottish guy and the alien torture device had in common was that I didn’t care whether they showed up or not. But it sure was FUN to watch them pop into my reality.

What have you manifested lately???

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37 thoughts on “Instant Manifestation: How to Manifest What You Want

  1. Katie

    Yoiks, this stuff is crazy! I remember thinking the whole 11:11 thing was half-baked – I looked for it, never saw it for months… but following a much more open spiritual exploration in the past month, I’ll be darned if I don’t see it ALL the time! And it’s not 11:11, it’s 12:12. Or 12:34. Or 10:10, or anything else that looks like suspect synchronicity. It’s ALL the time – literally, just happened now with 1:01 – and it makes me smile every time. :)


    1. Vanessa

      I now have the same thing but it’s kind of different every time I look at that clock just randomly I see 1:11,2:22,4:44 and so on so I don’t know what to make of it except to laugh cuts I feel like the universe is playing a number game with me. Lol


  2. Elizabeth

    This is a great post! I am also a great manifester, but I am also a great worrier (Virgo!), so my results are about 50/50. I’m working on it. And it’s true, when I LET GO, I get what I want, mainly in the form of money appearing from out of nowhere, or cool things at the thrift store. I am amazing at manifesting thrift store finds – ill think of some rad vintage thing I want and I can guarantee you within a week I’ll find that exact rad thing at the thrift store. I don’t even try.

    This is a good reminder right now, though, because I’m stressed with the holidays and need to LET GO! :)


    1. KB Post author

      I also have a tendency to worry Elizabeth but I try to remember that worrying is just using my imagination to manifest what I DON’T want!!! :D


  3. Glenda

    I’ve done this on a very simple level, with parking spots. You believe there will be a spot when you get there, no matter what time of day or how busy things are, and then there is! (I think I first read about this in Dale Carnegie’s book many years ago.)


  4. Rianna

    I had a lovely experience of this a couple weeks ago. I was explaining to someone how much I love the song ‘ Somewhere over the Rainbow’ by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole and tried to play it on my phone but it was too noisy to hear it, I was sad but forgot about it. Later that day after business we went to my favorite gelato place and that very song came on and right then the refrigerator shut of so we could hear it beautifully!!! Its the same as Elizabeth above almost every time I think of a book I wish I could find there it is on my next thriftstore hunt, and sometimes for a dollar!!! Its awesome, now if I could just use it for bigger concepts!


  5. Namaste


    Awesome manifesting stories!

    My two latest manifesting stories are last week I manifested winning an gift card at a holiday party I attended, and this week I manifested finding a $20 bill to replace the one I’d lost a few weeks before.

    Love reading your stories, have fun!


  6. Ellen Skagerberg

    It’s also helpful to remember that I don’t personally need to claim every good thing I see. Right now there’s a card on my keyboard that says, “If it doesn’t belong to you, it must surely belong to someone else. That’s all! You can’t possess everything.”
    Despite my clutter and debt, and my sorrow over the suffering of so many who share this planet, generosity (rather than resentment or envy) toward the good fortune of others is what helps me enjoy my ongoing prosperity.


  7. Kitty

    Great post, KB! I’ve always known that letting go was the key (my past manifestations prove it), but my inner worrywart sometimes forgets, especially around holiday time. Thanks for the reminder!


  8. Krista White

    I love this post, I also have had great moments of instant manifestation , I would like to share one:
    Shopping at the Bay, I was looking for a new wallet to go with my new purse that is now a diaper as I was walking around I pictured in my mind this very cool retro owl wallet, i have never seen one in real life but only in my mind. After finding the wallet section of the store I looked through shelves and at the back shelf on the top there it was my cool retro owl wallet almost exactly like i pictured it I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited that this has happens I called my husband right away to tell him my experience.
    The best part it was on sale!

    So cool


  9. Rachelle

    Haha, that’s great!

    This is kind of a funny synch in a way, too. Steve and I came across two or three avocado slicers when we were randomly browsing stores just a couple of days ago! :)


  10. Anetra

    Hi. I just found your blog late last night! I love it. I have hard time “letting go”. I’m going to to work on this. so glad you got your “THING”. :-)


  11. Kerrie Blazek

    Hey KB, from another KB — gotta love that!

    Anyway, my favorite manifestation story about my car. You see I’m currently traveling about the US in my trusty Honda Element! Last month, while I was in Chicago, I thought to myself: Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made my final car payment for me!?!

    I decided that I would be outrageous and post a cheeky status update to my facebook profile. It read something like this…

    They say ask & it is given… so Santa, I’m asking if you would like to make my final car payment. In order to make it simple, I’ve created a PayPal button for you.

    And no lie — 11 minutes later the money was in my account!

    How cool is that?


  12. Ryan

    The suggestion is to do something amazing, like manifesting a reality without limitation-a freedom based existence, a healthy beautiful planet, cooperation between everyone you see, true acknowledgement and appreciation of everyone’s existance.

    First I manifested Joy, then Parking spots, then traffic lights turning green without putting on my breaks, Amazing guidance material, full body ecstacy, low priced items at the grocery store, and recently my lover and I manifested various colored christmas trees, wreathes, self-lit christmas trees– we wrote down what we wanted, then went to walmart and they were there!

    So for that kind of manifestation, it is important to think about how it could show up (in a store, on the side of the road, etc) and if you really want it (you can want it just to prove to yourself you can do it) and what price you want (as detailed as you want or think possible, REALLY) …. You can even manifest the ability to manifest effortlessly, etc etc forever to infinity!


    1. cassie

      How can I manifest winning the lottery? I’ve been working on it for weeks . I have a certain amount in mind even


  13. marina

    great sorry, made me laugh!!!
    i have an instant manifistetion story…like 1 minute one. I was on my way of getting milk from the farm i usually go to, and while approaching the farm i thought, this time i want to buy 4 litres of milk instead of 2 and then order some kefir grains from the net so I can make my own kefir. well, once i was in line to get my milk i heard the person before me talking about kefir as well but i did not really understand what about specifially. so it was my turn, and i ask the farmer, are you planning to sell kefir in the future or something? and he said, well, i have kefir today actually! I am like wow…so i just got the kefir from him, no need for me to make it now from scratch!!!


  14. retty

    I manifested a way to pay for a friend’s old laptop. then the laptop kept giving me so many problems until one evening, my younger sister used it and it wouldnt come on again. i got really pissed but i didnt allow myself be negative or angry. i just took it in my stride and kept affirming like i did before the laptop packed up, that everything would be fine and that something great would soon happen to me.
    one week later, a man i had been talking to over the phone for more than a week called to ask if i wanted a new Phone…
    i was suprised and taken aback but i belieed him even though i refused to ask for anything. he kept calling back and telling me his spirit told him i wanted something.
    finally, i told him i wanted a laptop.
    he bought it and sent someone to deliver it to me.
    its an amazing story and i always make recourse to it when i feel like i am backtracking on who i have become.
    i thank the universe daily for that wonderful manifestation.
    i look forwars to wonderfully manifesting the man of my dreams. over the last one week, i have felt an intense joy that wont go away een when i am disappointed…
    i feel really blessed and i visualize my marriage already.
    thank you Universe!!!


  15. TD

    Do you have any suggestions to win a lottery jackpot or large sum of money? It’s what everyone would like to do but rarely can. One would think if you applied the same procedure of letting go it should just as easily manifest but I haven’t been able to achieve it. I like your real life examples and it would be a fun experiment to try to instantly manifest something big.


    1. Consuelo

      It is possible to consistently win small bits of $ with ‘scratch and win’ type tickets BUT with the type of lottery where six-2 digit numbers must match, harder.
      I worked hard at this kind of visualization but never won big.
      Came to the conclusion the reason is: too many other thousands of people also emitting thought forms wanting to win so it cancels out your own order. It is like thousands of people clawing (mentally wanting)for a piece of wool from a ball of yarn. The entire ball ends up shredded, no one gets anything, and once in a blue moon a ‘lucky’ soul stumbles by accident into the winning-zone. You would do better to choose a contest where there were under 100 winners and then mentally focus on drawing whatever it was to be won, to come to you. But big lotteries: no. Waste of time.


  16. Lina

    I jumped into this site searching for articles on manifesting. I’ve been a believer I have bad maniesting skills because it “never worked out” but latley I manifested a wardrobe of 1700Dollar worth! The day before we struggled for hours to put up one of my wardrobes in my new home. We realised the second wardrobe was TOO big to fit into the room an it’s still laying outside in the poarch.
    I was thinking that I needed to get me a smaller wardrobe to fit in all my stuff.
    Next day, I was getting a phonecall from my unemployment office and they tell me that I won a cometition!?! Uh….? I think,
    I’m delighted, I had no Idea I participated in this competition, and guess what it was it was a gift certificate of a 1700dollar wort of designer wardrobes :) :)
    Ha,ha ….. Time of manifesting, less then 24h


  17. Johanna

    HONESTLY .. I manifested the # 1 thing in the world that I wanted: to become pregnant again, and not just only to become pregnant but with TWINS. It took only a month to happen but two months to find out. I started hoping and wishing to get pregnant in April 2012 because I found out that one of my tubes were blocked and the one that wasnt blocked was attached to the ovary that decided not to ovulate(only one of my ovaries ovulated). I was even referred to a fertility clinic but already knew before I got there that I would not be able to afford their expensive procedures at this time. So i started visioning myself with twins. I started thinking what it would be like to have twins, what they would look like and act like. I basically convinced myself that one day I would have twins. The next month in May I was no longer trying to get pregnant because I just figured it wasn’t really going to work anyway, but then the month after that I found out I was pregnant .. and with my first ultrasound I found out it was TWINS !!!!! I am now 11weeks pregnant with healthy twins babies and sooo very happy. :)


    1. David

      So! I loved what you wrote here. With the manifest countdown. Awesome.
      I have personally managed to manifest all sorts of things, from $5,000 to a car with my favorite catch phrase driving by as proof to my friend of the weirdness of it all. Today I went out for a cup of coffee and a cigarette and watched the cars go by. I TOTALLY manifested the mental image I had been projecting of a small red Fiat. Instead it was a KIA but nevertheless they looked exactly the same. And it was within 2 minutes. The money actually was within days. I have also manifested people. I was into Masons and managed to run across a 33rd (highest) degree English Mason.


  18. chi

    so as an avid manifester who felt a loss when “baby daddy” made a dramatic exit on news years eve, i desperately looked up spells and tips and now this. i know this is a post long ago but i googled instant manifesting, this is what popped up first. and this is still good wisdom, duh, i am hurt and needy and sad…of course manifesting wont work, its totally contrary to how i feel. think ill go drink that unopened champange that ive been crying over each time i pass it and feel good… bliss be. ( or keep being giddy about all the dates from new guys i was asked on in the past few days)


  19. joesmom

    omg!!!! talk about freaky!!!! this is the first time this has happened tome!! I WANTED MY SONS COACH TO CANCEL PRACTICE THE NEXT TWO DAYS….I VISIONED IT AND LESS THAN FIVE HOURS LATER…POOF!!!!


  20. Camelia

    I am glad I found this blog. thanks KB for creating it. I had several experiences lately and I just try to understand how it possible and what these experiences have in common.
    Here is the most recent one. I work as a video director. Yesterday together with the cameraman we went to this motel. We made a video few years ago but the owner wanted to update some images.
    So, as you say, picture this: While I was waiting for the cameraman to take some images from the room behind me, I was standing on a balcony looking towards the opposite building of the motel, where there is a gym and spa facility. last time when we were there, three years ago, there was no one in the motel available to use it, so we could have some nice images of that. I was staring at the matt glass doors to guess if there is anyone inside, but no movement to notice. I thought that maybe if someone wants to use it they would have to ask for a key from the reception… it open? I wonder…Next moment, I hear the motel’s owner talking with a woman, coming out from the reception office. I turned my head and I saw him giving her a key (they were talking about the gym in the court yard now), she went towards the gym and he ran to me up the stairs to ask if it would be ok to take some images of that woman using the gym.
    All happened within few seconds…my thoughts, their voices, the request.
    I had such experiences quite often recently. The most common is people ‘answering’ instantly questions that I didn’t have the time to ask – only in my head – and I am always amazed. Sometimes I am part of a group and that happens. What do you think? I do not know what to think or if I should think about it.. for now I jsu embrace it.


  21. beth

    I have manifested several small things, a laptop money, I have been sick and I didn’t have any money, I manifested 100 dollars in a unsigned Christmas card, I have visioned a 100 thousand dollar cashiers check, but it was still 100 so it came to me I am working on the hot lotto in my state because its not huge, it 2 million dollars and not so many people play, but everytime I play my numbers are closer and closer I believe I can manifest it it would be enough fo us, im b=not greedy I don’t need forty million dollars I want just enough for my family, and I think that makes a difference in what you are manifesting.


  22. Andres

    Trying to cleanse first, I’m afraid of my excuses, cause they are rationalization for laziness,, and I’m aware, so for example I over worked my abdomen last night and I have a daily appointment at 6 am, so in between lack of energy and the pain, I think, I’m going to call my teacher and say, am feeling sick with pain and I won’t go,,
    Anyways, I woke myself up immediately because it’s happened before, whatever I speak really turns into physicality, and I’m truly scared that it would worsen,, so I just rather beat the Only-light light pain, and the drowsiness, cause they avail me nothing… choosing a better way…
    Now more than ever, manifestations must be conscious and I have to stay centered in the moment otherwise I might create undesirable realities for myself and others.. same with abundance, same with love/fear etc
    Thank you for this space to share and support :)


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