Identity Theft“Who are You?”
- Gangaji

This morning I called my bank to activate a new debit card. It was a pretty painless process, but after the activation was complete, the teller on the other end of the line wouldn’t hang up.

“I just have to tell you about a brand new service we’re offering to our most loyal customers!” she exclaimed. “It provides revolutionary protection against identity theft!”

“Thanks, but I have no need to protect myself against identity theft”, I replied. My identity is impossible to steal”. And with a *click*, I hung up and went on my merry way.

If you’re one of the many people who’ve been conditioned by weapons of mass distraction, identity theft may seem like a real threat. But in my opinion, identity theft is just a physical manifestation of one of humanity’s deepest fears: the loss of our identity.

Let’s face it: we cling to our mind-made identities like almond butter on toast. We think we ARE our jobs, our clothes, our appearance, or our relationships. Some people even think it’s what we eat that defines us (“I am vegan; hear me roar!”).

But the problem with attaching our identity to any of these things is that they are all transient. So one day you wake up and get fired…

Or your brand name clothes wear out.

Or your skin wrinkles.

Or Romeo dumps you.

Or the world runs out of tofu.

What happens then? I’ll tell you what happens: a complete and utter identity crisis.

When I counsel people who are going through an identity crisis, the first thing they usually tell me is, “I don’t know who I am anymore”. Fortunately, one of my greatest talents is reminding people of their true identity. ;)

Your true identity is a divine identity. It has nothing to do with anything you do or have in the physical world. Your divine identity is pure consciousness, energy, or spirit. It has always existed, and its purpose is to experience, evolve, and express itself during this life experience. When you remember your divine identity, you are free to enjoy the transient aspects of your life because you no longer cling to them out of fear. You no longer need these things to define your identity.

You’ll know you are still clinging to a false identity if you feel the need to protect or defend it. Your divine identity has no need to protect or defend itself, it just IS.

Your false identity also seeks approval. But your divine identity has no need to impress people. It remains unaffected by praise or criticism. It feels loved because it is Love. It knows it’s worthy because every divine creation is worthy.

When you notice your false identity rearing its clingy head, the best thing to do is smile at it. Tickle it. Take it for a walk in the park. Make it watch the movie Revolver. Then sit it down and remind it who’s in charge. You’ll probably have to do this quite a few times before it finally gets the message.

The only way to truly protect yourself from identity theft is to remember that your identity cannot be stolen. Plus it’s a great thing to tell your bank teller next time she tries to sell you something you don’t need. ☺

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