“It takes a long time to become young.”
~ Pablo Picasso

I have to admit that sometimes when I look out into the world, I have to wonder if we’re all on crack. Or Botox.

There’s no doubt we live in a youth-obsessed culture. I can’t even flip through a magazine without being trampled by an overload of ads promoting the latest revolutionary anti-aging cream. “Unique patents! Breakthrough Technologies! You’re going to look younger – we guarantee it!”

You know what my friends? It’s all a bunch of crap.

I’m not saying that anti-wrinkle products don’t work – maybe they do. What I am saying is that eternal youth doesn’t exist in a bottle, because eternal youth is a state of mind.

If you find yourself longing to be young again, what you’re really craving is a FEELING. It has nothing to do with the lines on your face or the cellulite on your ass. You want the ecstatic feelings that come along with having an open heart and a vibrant outlook on life. The good news is you can have an open heart and vibrant outlook on life WITHOUT injecting poisonous toxins into your forehead.)

Eternal youth is available to you at any time by changing the way that you think. If you’re not feeling youthful, it’s probably because “life experience” has clogged your noggin with false, negative thoughts about yourself and about life in general.

See if this is true for you by taking a mental inventory of your thoughts. What are your dominant thoughts about yourself? Do you think you’re too old, fat, stupid, or boring to enjoy your life? Do you feel guilty about something you did in the past? You don’t have to put yourself down or feel guilty anymore. The truth is that you’re awesome. End of story.

If you could drop all the repetitive, stressful stories that run around in your head, you’d uncover the fountain of youth in an instant. You’d reveal a vibrant mind that is open to possibility; a mind that is excited about life; a mind that is not self-conscious; and a mind that lives in the present moment.

You’d also reveal an open heart loves to love and be loved; a heart that sees beauty everywhere; a heart that is mischievous, playful and creative; and a heart that brims with courage and gratitude.

An open heart and vibrant mind reveals the essence of what you are, which is a vast, infinite, creative being. The reality of you is timeless – it doesn’t have an age, and it’s expressing itself perfectly in this moment.

And it certainly doesn’t need Botox.

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