“All the good ideas I ever had
came to me while I was milking a cow.”
~ Grant Wood

The only unfortunate thing about having a mind teeming with great ideas is how often I find myself wide-awake at 3:33am, scribbling illegible notes to myself on my bedside table.

I‘m not complaining – I’d rather have too many ideas than not enough. My mom jokes that I should start hustling my ideas on the street. What I’d rather do is inspire people to tune into their own ideas. There are more than enough “light bulbs” to go around.

Ideas are abundant. They’re everywhere. Everything you can see in the physical world began as an idea. Chances are if something’s not going well in your life, it’s because you’re experiencing an idea deficit. Problems only remain problems when you’re not open to the “idea” of a solution.

The reason people have trouble tuning in to ideas is because they’re distracted by minds that never quit. The day-to-day pandemonium of to-do lists, grocery lists, bills to pay, children to feed. Yesterday’s emotional baggage of “what he did to me”, “what I did to him”, the “dysfunctional childhood”, and victim mentality. Then there are the seasonal thoughts of Christmas presents, Thanksgiving dinner, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and your chihuahua’s birthday. Or perhaps your mind is simply preoccupied with the weather and how to dress for it.

The thoughts we play over and over in our heads each day rival a 9-piece mariachi band, frolicking on top of our skull. With all the commotion, it’s no wonder there’s no room to receive an awesome idea.

Einstein received his best ideas in the shower. I receive mine at 3:33am. The common denominator is that in these states, the mind is calm, meditative, and relaxed; a far cry from the usual cycle of chronic, repetitive thought-junk.

To tune in to your grandest ideas, just get quiet.




Be still.

And then…

have your pen and paper ready.

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0 thoughts on “How to Think of an Idea

  1. vignjevicsasa

    Seems you’re speeding up…every day another post!
    Myself has no probs with popping ideas, but persistence to pull them through. Before I finish one project, a new brilliant idea comes and there goes my focus…


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