“Do not be conformed to this world, but instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
- Romans 12:2

If you’re not already baptized, perhaps at some point in your life you’ve witnessed a baptism. Have you ever thought about the deeper meaning of baptism?

Baptism seems to be another one of those strange rituals that we go along with but never fully understand. Since many people are baptized as babies, no one remembers the true meaning of their baptism. The whole experience is a mystery.

I was never baptized as a baby, but last Sunday I made the decision to be baptized as an adult. It was an extremely moving experience, not only for me but for many people in the congregation and also for my minister. A couple of people asked me to share the inspiration behind my baptism so here’s my story.

The idea for my baptism sprang up out of the blue. Initially I wanted to be baptized so I could be a godparent… however, my initial curiosity turned out to be a much more meaningful event.

What it All Means…

Since none of the baptized people I know were able to give me much information on the subject, I did some research on my own. Wikipedia states that baptism is “any ceremony, trial, or experience by which one is initiated, purified, or given a name.” In Christianity, baptism is thought of as a ceremony symbolizing the cleansing of sin, and the union of the believer with Christ. This is where things get a little fuzzy, as the word “sin” is often misinterpreted.

The word “sin” does not mean to commit evil acts. Instead, the definition of the word actually means, “to miss the mark”. Sin is the ignorance that dominates your mind when you are living in an unconscious state of being. In other words, sin is the misaligned activity you participate in because you are unaware of your true nature and of the nature of the Universe. Some examples of this state of unconsciousness include:

- the unawareness of your true nature as a spiritual being
- the unawareness of the invisible connection of all living things in the Universe
- the unawareness of how your thoughts affect your experience
- the unawareness of life as a mirror of your inner state

Sin is not something to feel guilty about or be afraid of because the essence of sin is ignorance. Jesus defined the meaning of sin when he said, “They know not what they do”. God is not judging our sins, but we do experience repercussions of our ignorance because the Universe is constantly reflecting back at us what we focus on internally. If our internal focus is not aligned with Truth then we experience that chaos in our external reality.

The second half of the ritual of baptism unifies the “believer with Christ”. This is another way of describing the union of your physical self with your higher nature; with your soul. Your soul is the spiritual part of you that is on the same wavelength as the Universal Mind (Christ consciousness). In consciously accepting this alignment between your lower and higher nature, you allow your soul the freedom to fully express itself in your Life, through you and as you.

So in my own words, baptism is a ceremony symbolizing one’s ignorance being washed away as they make a commitment to live in accordance with the Christ within.

When I felt that I understood the true meaning of baptism, I was eager to participate in the ceremony. I contacted the minister at my church, Unity of London, and asked if she would baptize me during a Sunday service. I was aware that the timing of this ritual was not a coincidence. It was perfectly aligned with the emergence of my intentions in activating the awakening of others.

The Ceremony

The ceremony of my baptism was very powerful. Rev Lori Hisson read a poem by Kahlil Gibran and then asked me to agree to a set of four spiritual commitments by affirming, “I will”.

Baptism 1
She then prayed aloud for me and placed her hand on my head. It was then that I felt a surge of power rush through me and even though I was trying to hold it in, I started crying. I noticed later that everyone in the room was crying, so I managed to release all feelings of self-consciousness.

Baptism 2
The prayer that Lori prayed over me was, “Infinite Spirit, bless this precious creation of God. May she always remember she is your precious and beloved; created in your image and likeness. May she always feel your love and let your love continue to express through her as it does on this her special day. We thank you for the sacred and holy being that you have brought into all our lives. We give thanks in Jesus’ name. Amen”.

Rev Lori then gave me a beautiful pink rose and I returned to my seat.

After the baptism we welcomed in the children of our congregation and they read their affirmation of the day. I thought it was a powerful confirmation of my commitment:

“I am a powerful example.
When I live my Life from Being,
I teach others to do the same.”
Life continued to unfold in synchronicity when the following day I drove out to a greyhound rescue group and adopted another retired racer. I had to laugh when I read his racing name, which was “Sin Killer”. Even though I know everything is connected, the Universe never ceases to make me smile.

Baptism 3

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