“What really matters is love and kindness.
Judging right and wrong is a waste of time.”
~ Calvin Hawn

Even though death is a part of life, you never really feel prepared to handle it. A couple days ago, I was shocked to discover that my friend and fellow yogi – Calvin Hawn, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday morning. Calvin was one of the most radiant people I have ever met. He was a brilliant dentist and yoga teacher who infused every lucky person he encountered with love and appreciation.

I ran into Calvin less than two weeks ago at our local library. He gave me a great big bear hug, and said we should meet for tea sometime soon. We’d been trying to arrange a time to get together for the past couple months to discuss the work of Abraham-Hicks. It’s ironic that during our last Abraham conversation, Calvin and I talked about death. I remember him looking me straight in the eye with an infectious smile as he said, “I’m not afraid to die”.

I don’t believe in accidents, and I don’t believe in “death”, but it’s still difficult to understand how someone so precious to the planet could be here one day, and gone the next. The only thing that makes sense to me is that that more often than not, death is a powerful reminder of how to live.

When someone we care about dies, it reminds us that life is fragile and sacred. Each moment that passes is an opportunity to be fully present and grateful for this amazing experience called Life. It’s important to cultivate love with each other while we’re here, because it’s one of the only things that continues to exist after we’ve passed away.

Calvin Hawn, 1955 – 2010

In the short time I knew Calvin, he reminded me of what Life is all about – to spread love and to be grateful. His spirit inspires me to inspire others, and motivates me to shine as brightly as I can while I’m here. At his funeral today, someone said, “to think of Calvin is to think of thankfulness”…

So thank you dear Calvin, for being my teacher and my friend.

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it”.
~ Calvin Hawn

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