Post-surfing high. I sat on the shore and laughed.

Last week I did something I’ve never done before. I went surfing.

FYI, two years ago there’s no way in hell I would have ever tried surfing. Mostly because I would have been too scared. Scared of the jellyfish, scared of the stingrays, scared of falling off the surfboard, and most of all, scared of looking like an idiot.

I’m happy to report that I managed to avoid both the jellyfish and the stingrays. I did however, fall off my board multiple times and probably looked like an idiot doing so.

But that’s beside the point.

Because let me tell you, now that I’m a surfer, I “GET IT”. I understand why it’s addictive. Because when you’re surfing, you receive an instant reminder of WHO’S IN CHARGE. And here’s a hint: it’s not you.

I’m not talkin’ about a bearded white guy in the sky that governs all things. I’m talkin’ about NATURE. I’m talking about GRACE. I’m talkin’ about the tremendous power and infinite intelligence that permeates everything in existence.

Learning to surf was an excellent way to be reminded of this infinite power. Surfing also reminded me that when riding the waves of life, we only ever have 2 responsibilities: EFFORT and SURRENDER.


In surfing, the effort is in the paddling. You lie face down on the board, paddle out to a wave, spin yourself around and prepare to catch it.

In life, EFFORT involves focusing your thoughts until they are LINED UP with higher vibes. You’ll know if you’re lined up or not by the way you FEEL. If you’re feeling blissful, you’re on the right track.

A lot of us mistake effort for action, which explains why we run around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to make something HAPPEN. But action is useless unless it comes from an inspired state of mind, which is why true action is actually a part of SURRENDER, not EFFORT. Capiche?


In surfing, there’s a definite feeling of surrender to the waves. You can’t control the waves. You can’t force the water to carry you. All you can do is line up with a wave and then hope for the best.

The same is true in life. After you make an effort to line up your energy with high vibes, it’s time to surrender to Grace and see what happens.

This is where action comes in, because if you’re TRULY lined up with high vibes, it won’t be long before you’re inspired make a move. The impulse to act will be irresistible. This kind of action doesn’t feel like struggle, which is why I have placed it in the surrender category. :)

When your energy is lined up, there will also be times when awesome stuff just plops into your lap. This phenomenon is called synchronicity.


One thing I notice about surfing is that the more you practice, the better you get. This is also true with life.

How SKILLED are you at focusing your energy? Do you feel blissful most of the time, or is your vibration all over the place? If you’re not getting the results you want, just get back on your board and try again.

After all, falling off is part of the fun. ☺

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3 thoughts on “Life Lessons from a Surfboard

  1. Linda Brackstone

    Well said, KB. Most people do confuse effort and action. Abraham makes it really clear and so do you. Keep surfin’, keep smilin, keep writin, and keep focusin’


  2. ender

    Right on KB, I just surfed for the first time too. Excellent analogies, very helpful. Thank you for who you are, I admire the bliss outta you.


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