Look for Something to Celebrate“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”
- Thomas Peters

Yesterday I was outside playing with my dogs when I saw something so miraculous that I fell to my knees in joy: teeny green shoots poking out of the soil in my garden.

After such a cold and treacherous winter, I can’t imagine anything more exciting than spring. I feel like praising the sun gods by tap-dancing in my driveway with jazz hands. And I’m reminded of one of the most important philosophies behind my yoga practice: the philosophy that life is a celebration.

It’s easy to forget that life is a celebration. We get so caught up in the cultural spell of celebrating the same old holidays in the same old way, that we forget that waking up each day is something to celebrate. Breathing is something to celebrate. A glimpse of green in your garden is something to celebrate.

Maintaining a mindset of constant celebration takes practice. For example, this morning I woke up to a lovely message to me on Twitter from @LLovelyxo. She wrote, “I hope you have one of the BEST days of your life full of blessings, laughter, passion and joy!”

For a millisecond, I caught myself thinking that there is nothing on my calendar today that would evoke that kind of excitement. But then I remembered that life is a celebration, and therefore it is up to ME to look for something to celebrate. A real celebration doesn’t depend on the events in my external world; it emerges from my state of mind.

The more we celebrate, the more we attract more things to celebrate, as what we focus on multiplies. So celebrate good times, y’all! What do you have to celebrate today??

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