So this morning I’m at Dollarama when something catches my eye:

loose leaf tea strainer

I know what you’re thinking. “WOW KB, A SINK STRAINER”. How thrilling.

But it’s not just a sink strainer, my friends!!  Because it also could be….

A loose leaf tea infuser!!!

loose leaf tea strainer

Yay! We’ll never have to cut down trees to make tea bags again!!

Disclaimer: Make sure to use a NEW sink strainer for your tea because using the one that’s been in your sink for 10 years would be gross.

Also please note, this brilliant idea doesn’t work so well with rooibos tea because it falls through the holes.


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One thought on “DIY Loose Leaf Tea Strainer

  1. Elizabeth Kern

    Wow I love it! By the way, I also love the quote on your mug – it has been running through my head more than any other in the past week or so. Now I have an outer confirmation/manifestation of what I have been thinking :)


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