Do you ever have those days where you just can’t stop eating??? Today is one of those days. Thankfully I’m eating raw vegan food or I’m sure I’d resemble the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters right about now.  I feel very fortunate that eating a pound of grapes does not have the same effect as say, eating a pound of Timbits.

Go Raw Vegan in 30 Days

Darlene & KB at Whole Foods, Las Vegas

For the last couple weeks I’ve been testing out a lower-fat raw vegan diet known as the “80-10-10” diet (80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat). I was inspired to try this diet by one-of-my-very-very-best-friends-and-favorite-people-on-the-planet, Darlene Navarre.

I met Darlene way back in 2009 during a trip to Las Vegas. At that time, Darlene had been eating raw for almost 10 years and let me tell you, it showed.  She was the happiest, glowiest, most youthful person I had ever met. She was so inspiring to me that I returned home from Vegas and ate 100% raw vegan food for 6 months straight.  Since then, Darlene has continued to be my my number one raw vegan inspiration.

I admire Darlene so much that I’ve been trying to figure out a way to steal a pair of her shoes and have them bronzed. I was thinking I could display them in the kitchen next to my beloved Vitamix, kind of like a little raw vegan shrine.

When Darlene is in the room, everybody knows it. It kinda feels like someone smashed open a piñata full of unconditional love, rainbow glitter and magical unicorns. Strangers often approach her to ask what her secret is, which is great because Darlene LOVES to share how a raw vegan diet has contributed to her health, happiness, and well-being.

Recently, Darlene created an eBook entitled, “Go Raw in 30 Days”. It’s an easy-to-follow raw vegan meal plan that shows you how easy and fun it can be to eat healthfully.

The book was born from a request from one of her many followers. When a fan asked her for help transitioning to a raw diet, she started compiling her favorite recipes and put them in a book. Since the book was already created, she decided to share it with all of her fans.

Darlene sent me a copy of her book and I love it! Her recipes are always among my favorites and the entire book reflects Darlene’s spirit, which is vibrant, playful, and colorful.

If you’re interested in going raw, I highly recommend that you go download a copy of Darlene’s book right now! OR you can enter today’s contest to win a free copy. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us where you are on the raw vegan path and why you want a copy of this book. The winner will be announced on Monday.

PS – If you buy the book and end up winning the contest, Darlene will simply give you a refund, so don’t hesitate to download it today.

Peace, love, & green smoothies!!

KB & Darlene

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34 thoughts on “Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet + a Giveaway!

  1. Karen

    Since following u KB u have spoken a number of time of a ‘raw’ diet which has created interest and wanting to learni more about this style of living. I think this book would be a wonderful intro.


  2. Christine Harris

    Hi KB!
    I am currently a meat eater… dun, dun, dun. I’ve been interested in vegetarianism, veganism, and eating raw for quite some time now. I’ve been reading posts by you and Derek on Facebook for quite sometime, and it’s been pretty inspirational. As inspirational as it all is, I’m not sure how to get started and how to live in a home that will still have someone eating meat, it’s always been difficult for me to just make food for one. A few months ago I started a journey in meditation and have learned mindfulness meditation. The changes that have occured have been amazing, and I’m so excited to continue this journey. Now that I’m doing well in the mind aspect of my life, I think it’s time to take care of my body. I’ve been unhappy with my weight fluctuations, I want to feel healthy and look healthy, and perhaps this is how I’m supposed to get there.
    Love and Light,


  3. Katie

    Yay!! I’d love a copy of the book. :)

    I’m exploring raw vegan food, mostly to help my asthma and to lower my risk of disease later in life. While I don’t plan to go 100% raw vegan (to keep social options more open), I’d like to explore making mostly raw vegan meals at home. One of the biggest barriers is how complicated many of the recipes seem – so love the idea of simple, easy recipes to start with! :) Woop! :)


  4. Darlene

    You are such a bright light in the world I appreciate this amazing article which just reflects why I love you so. How flattering to wake up with such flattering words of love. I do love to spread health and joy around as I know you do, that is just one of many reasons why our friendship is so special a perfect.
    I love you!
    I appreciate you!
    Your bestie,
    Darlene :)


  5. Alex Portillo

    Right now, I am still eating SAD diet. However, I have been substituting raw smoothies for meals every now and then. I am beginning to get into making raw smoothies on a regular basis along with my SAD diet.


  6. Daphne

    Hi KB,

    I haven’t eaten a raw diet before but would be very interested in learning more about this healthy choice. How do you continue to follow a raw diet even in these cold, winter months?



  7. Derek

    I am currently a raw vegan enthusiast. I have been eating a mostly raw foods diet for over a year now. Over the last few months I have really cleaned up my diet and am focusing on whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits and veggies at every meal. I have seen many incredible changes over this time.

    I would love to get a copy of Darlene’s book because I am always open to learn more. The raw foods journey never ends. It is always evolving. I would more then likely read the book and then donate it to someone who could be of even greater benefit to have it.

    I wish Darlene the very best with this book!


  8. Kellyann

    In the fall of 2009 I became aware for the first time that gluten & dairy cause serious issues for me. An author of a vegetarian-to-vegan-to-raw vegan book said that she had serious food allergy problems since she was a child, but after following a vegan diet for a year, she found herself able to eat what she had previously been allergic to- a result of the cleansing & detoxifying effects of the diet. I successfully became a strict vegan right away.
    This only lasted four months, but it was the best I had ever felt physically and emotionally in my entire life- so I see great potential for the future. Since then my food consumption has been like a roller coaster, while going abroad and then backpacking in the wilderness, forced me to compromise my diet. I WANT TO GET BACK TO FEELING MY BEST. But I’ve struggled with maintaining a varied enough vegan diet that provides me with all the nutrients I need to stay healthy. I have suffered through long, draw-out illness that I think point to this problem.
    Also, I have unusual health problems that my doctors are doing a poor job helping me to solve. During the spring of 2010 I started suffering from chronic nausea and occasional vomiting. I was put on Prilosec, but I neither have heartburn nor acid-reflux, because if I did, the medication would make it go away. Instead, I am stuck taking Prilosec twice a day, every day, and if I stop, the nausea picks right back up again. It makes me feel very uncomfortable to be relying on medication for an ailment that my doctors don’t even understand or know the solution to- but it is well known that doctors generally send people to the pharmacy instead of a nutritionist anyway.
    I feel that transitioning to a Raw Vegan Diet will help me return to my optimal health, but I need direction, support & help with implementing it in my life. I think there is a lot for me to get inspired about & learn from this book & I would love the chance to use it in the process of reclaiming my health. Thank you!
    Peace, Light & love,

    *This is why I love KB*
    “It kinda feels like someone smashed open a piñata full of unconditional love, rainbow glitter and magical unicorns.”


  9. Loretta Zedella

    I truly admire every person with a spirit, which is vibrant, playful, and colorful. Woo-hoo!
    I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 30 years, my husband has been one for about 5 years. He is curently away at a veg cooking shcool. As the newer convert in the house, and a recent corporate drop out embracing a new healthy lifestyle, my husbnd Mark is reveling ina ll things healthy and vibrant. What foods can get more vibrant than raw foods? I myself ama huge fan of green blender drinks. If I am overbooked busy, I buy a botlte of green smoothie from the store. This book would both help me find other desperation meals, (haha) and inspire my converted committed husband. Namaste, K tothe B.


  10. VegAnn

    I’m a vegan and I eat high raw in the summer, it feels so great! But when the harvest turns in winter, I love to have my squash and sweet potatoes.


  11. Anita David

    I have been drawn to raw food for a long time but not fully immersed. I believe that it contributes to good health and vitality. I’ve done lots of research but not much doing. I have moved away from meat and dairy but really need to fill my nutritional gaps with the right things and make a transition that will benefit me for the rest of my life.


  12. Andrea Peters

    I recently finished a five day green cleanse and feel really good. I’m now trying to figure out raw recipes for everyday life with husband, nursling and a toddler! We are slowly eating less meat and I’d like to eat none! Glad I found the site and resources and hope to win! Thanks for spreading the vegan love!


  13. Nicole

    Hi KB,

    I have been on and off raw food for about a year. I feel amazing when I am on raw food but somehow sometimes get trapped into old habits and society where a friend offers you that brownie… I know that something is missing and I need help to be the best that I can be! I want to have more energy so that I can do more of the things that I truly love and one of my biggest goals is to never have a migraine in my whole entire life. Migraines have been in my life for as long as I can remember and I just know deep inside that there is another way.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of this life changing book by Darlene.

    Lots of love from Australia,


  14. Melissa

    Hi KB,

    I am on the path to eating raw vegan because I have PCOS and weigh close to 300 pounds. I have a difficult time losing weight (because of the PCOS) and the only lifestyle “diet” that seems to work for me is a raw vegan one. It’s the first way of eating where I have actually lost weight…and I feel wonderful.

    I’m always looking for more recipes, tips, techniques, etc and I believe that Darlene’s book will help me finally transition into raw vegan as much as I would like to.

    Thanks for the chance to win and I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  15. Catharine

    I’ve not started a raw food diet mostly because I don’t quite how to begin. This ebook would be very valuable to me if I won it.


  16. Trisha

    I am having a just can’t stop eating day today and I feel so BLAH! I have been reading about raw food for the last few weeks and I really want to go raw! I have CFS/ME and Endometriosis, plus 2 small kids who keep me busy, so I am always exhausted, in pain and flat out! I have started having Green smoothies some mornings but other days I am too tired and it all seems too hard and I make bad choices and then regret it! I am a subscriber to Darlene’s newsletter. I would love to win a copy of her book. I think it would help me finally get to where I want to be with my diet, weight and health. Thanks :)
    I have ‘liked’ you on Facebook now too. :)


  17. Tamar

    I have played with being vegetarian over the years but last year I decided for the first time to make a “New Year’s” resolution. So at our party on Dec. 31, I had a buffet of raw foods I had created for myself. I purchased a couple of “cookbooks” and did my best. With health issues caused by 7 years living in a house with toxic mold, raw to me means feeling my best. I spent 10 years on a cane from a car accident and along with regular chiropractic care and the energy of raw foods, at 48 years of age, I am now running and just this morning heading out for my second 5k race.
    For all those concerned about feelings of deprivation, having the right stockpile of dried fruits, raw chocolate, and such, you can create such amazing treats you will never want to go bake to industrial processed.
    The only thought you need to hold in order to succeed is “I am doing this for me and I am happy”.


  18. JC

    Hi KB!

    I’m an avid nutrition and fitness enthusiast from Philly. My dream is to have my own sports nutrition counseling practice. After talking with and reading books written by biochemists, I’ve been deeply fascinated with eating raw. I’ve seen how the raw diet does wonders for athletic performance! I’ve studied the benefits and have been wanting to try it, but was never sure how to do it safely and effectively. I signed up on Darlene’s website to learn the steps, and would love to win her book so that I can start on my journey to improved health and wellness! Thanks!


  19. Nancy

    I have eaten raw for up to 7 weeks at a time, but eventually give in and go back to vegetarian eating – although I still eat a lot of raw. I love sweets and eat a lot of fruit, but still eat lots of baked desserts. I need help in continuing to eat raw vegan and this book sounds like it will help.


  20. Debbie

    Hi ladies,
    Benn bobbin and weavin a raw/vegetarian/vegan/ kinda lifestyle for at least 5 years now always looking for that one magical solution to balance it all out….exploring as much of the raw food community as I can daily, Darlene has always been a special, “real” , genuine, sweety that inspires every time I receive her in my inbox….so to actually have a hands on reference ebook from her would be really cool. I have much admiration for all the people out in this community who have found that happy, consistent, holistic balance. which is what I am striving for. So thank you for the chance to win a copy of the ebook, and if I don’t ,thats ok to (:
    Peace and blessings


  21. maria

    I’ve been doing about an 80% raw vegan diet for a few months now and feel great! I want to do more but have a hard time with menu planning. You both are very inspiring to keep going to reach my goal of 100% raw!


  22. Randi

    I really loved this article. I would LOVE a copy of Darlene’s book. For the past 3 years I have been on and off again eating raw. My husband and I eat really clean and I have had a huge journey over those past years. After switching my diet over and making a real life Sykes change I was able to drop 40 pounds, get off my IBS meds, my thyroid meds, and a number of other great things happened. I am a HUGE eater and maker of raw desserts, I am just finding myself right now struggling to stay true to myself and what I know to be the “happiest” way of eating for me. So I would love to have Darlene’s book to give me a guide and plan to stay on track and to give me the raw Meal ideas. That is the part I struggle with the most.


  23. Lena

    I’m just starting the exploring of raw eating. I’m presently inspired by Darlene’s blog, having tried her raw pizza recipe. Heaven! So I can’t wait to try other recipes by Darlene. I’m eager to learn more about the transition to 100% and easy steps to get me there and staying there, in energy, spirit, and creativity- in the kitchen and in my life. :)


  24. Vicki

    Hi KB,
    I have been eating mostly raw for the last 3 months, and its fantastic :)
    I live in Australia, and there doesnt seem to be as much enthusiasm for raw foods as there is in the US.
    I would luuuuv to win the book to get some better guidance, coz I havent lost any weight yet. Im eating what my body wants me to eat and reading and researching lots of raw food sites, but there is a lot of conflicting advice out there, and I think Darlene’s book would be very helpful in my raw food journey (seeing as shes tried and tested it for a long time!)
    Thanks, from Vicki


  25. Sonja

    I now have several friends doing raw vegan. Well 4 friends doing it and I hav been trying to do it since the end o sept. 2011 but it has been a fight against in-laws , drs meds and medical conditions. I hoping going raw would help and then in oct. I had a stroke and I am only 41 no cholesterol problems, no high blood pressure , Someone even suggested I caused this on my self by eating touch greens. My friends all have lost weight and i seem to be holding on to mine and I don’t eat a lot which my friends say is why I am not losing. I am the only one doing it in my family. So I prepare my food and cook my family dinner. Please help me I need some guidance from someone who knows what they are doing. My husband let me buy a vita mixer so it would be great to have recouped too.
    Please pick me so I can start on the road to better health.


  26. vike

    I love the connections, each person supporting the next. I started with raw, did great for 2 weeks, did ok for another two, then fell off the raw vegan wagon. I am working to add vegetables and keep some things raw. I need more education and inspiration. I feel great on raw, I NEED to be on raw, my skin is better — for so many reasons, I need it and love it. I just need to DO IT! Happy December — my birthday month!


  27. Debbie

    I have been dabbling in the natural health world for quite a while but diet was not high on the list of study. Not a strong enough desire to give up the SAD diet. Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer which has changed my perspective. Luckily I was intuitive enough and had friends that are herbal wise and was able to (at least at this point) beat the cancer. I changed the grading of the cancer from a grade 2 to a 1 in 2 months time which even had my surgeon surprised. I am now mentally better prepared to change how I eat and have done a lot of research on the web, but anyone that has done the same realizes that the information on raw food diets covers a very broad spectrum. Most sites suggest lots of nuts and seeds which are high in fats.
    I have tried to go raw with information found on the internet but there is so much out there I feel overwhelmed and confused. I’m not very creative when it comes to creating different dishes so get stuck in a rut and then lose interest. With a book handy I wouldn’t have to look in my computer or on the web every time I needed to plan a meal. I would order it now but my budget just went into the toilet due to a car accident that totaled my car. I have been making smoothies in the AM but need more.


  28. Lynn

    I love this of what you said, ” I admire Darlene so much that I’ve been trying to figure out a way to steal a pair of her shoes and have them bronzed. I was thinking I could display them in the kitchen next to my beloved Vitamix, kind of like a little raw vegan shrine.” I have been WORKING at being raw for 10 months now and have so many challenges more from outside myself than from within… within I am committed but with family and social it is hard so I love Darlene’s happy positive loving inspirational words and FACE to keep me motivated too! WHILE I am doing stretching and weights in the morning, I listen to like minded raw living individuals so I don’t feel so alone in this choice : ) It helps me make to through the day!! I am happy eating raw… but fairly alone in it… but it’s all good and worth it! : )


  29. Connie Roush

    I’ve been reading everything I can find on leaving meat behind and changing my diet…and I’m ready. I think your book will be the push I need.


  30. KB Post author

    Sincere thanks to all of you for your awesome comments. I have used to pick a winner, which was comment # 3 (Katie). Katie I will email you with the details of how to download your free book.

    Hugs to all of you! xo


  31. Mary H.

    I’m vegan – moderately raw….I would love this book in hopes that it will make my high raw hopes a little closer….Peace and Blessings!


  32. Deb

    A year and 1/2 ago I went on a vegan diet. I feel much better after adopting a vegan diet; my diabetes is in control and I have lost weight, but I think I could do even better.I recently went to a raw food restaurant and LOVED the food. I have taken some books out of the library and begun to do some reading, but really could use a plan to help me get started.


    1. Ender Ayanethos

      I know the contest is over, but I’m excited about Darlene’s website and wanted to continue discussion about the raw foods path. I was a SAD eater until 2008 when my girlfriend at the time and I went vegetarian. It was an easy transition as I slowly cut out different meats, lunch meat being the last thing to go (hey, I love sandwiches!). Then vegan in 2010 and high-fat, gourmet raw in 2011 after I made KB’s raw brownies one night with a friend. We were ecstatic and the next day I went out and bought tons of raw ingredients and didn’t look back until I began travelling in the beginning of 2012, when I re-introduced cooked vegan as my main source of nutrition.

      Now I’m settling down in Hawaii and am doing a 30 day lifestyle design experiment with the low fat raw vegan diet. I’m blogging about the whole thing and you can follow along in my adventure here:


  33. Adriana

    Been on & off on raw diet last 2 years but find it difficult to stay on permanently. Have several books on raw recipes but tend to still gain weight. Think I’m eating too many fats & sugars from raw nuts, & dry fruits.


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