“We are always getting ready to live… but never living.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever asked yourself where you want to be in five years? What was your answer?

The “five year plan” is popular among job interviewers, life coaches, and self-help fanatics. But it’s also an illusory concept that arises from the egoic mind.

The egoic mind is the aspect of you that wants to draw your attention away from the present moment into your past or future. It fears your union and acceptance with whatever is unfolding “now”, so it looks for a way to distract you with redundant mind clutter. Its’ dominance over your life is dependent on a chattery mind because in a silent space, the egoic mind ceases to exist.

Finding the balance between a focused, purpose-driven life and a silent mind is an art form as well as a skill. Sure it’s helpful to make a five year plan; it’s a tool that inspires direction, purpose, and motivation in life. But perhaps it’s even more important to create a plan that includes enjoying each precious moment along the way.

How Do You Want to Spend the Next Five Years?

If you embrace the fact that life is really a journey and not a destination, there is more to making a five year plan than just asking yourself where you want to be in five years. For instance, if I had the opportunity to give you a job interview, I might ask, “so let’s say I know for sure that five years from now, you’re going to get hit by a bus and kick the bucket. Knowing now that you only have five years left… would you still want to work here? If not, what would you do?”

The benefit of this question is that as an employer, I’d surround myself with vibrant people whose priority is passion and enjoyment. I’d also get to observe the reaction from those who wouldn’t want to spend the next five years working for me. I’d have the honor of being present when a true and genuine goal; a “heart-based goal” begins to emerge from their higher mind.

Uncover Your Heart-Based Goals

To lead a truly fulfilling life for the next five years and beyond, uncover your heart-based goals. Heart-based goals are linked with your purpose for being on the planet and don’t follow a timeline. Pursuing them develops trust, courage, and soul alignment. To fulfill a heart-based goal you head in the general direction of your ambitions and rely on your inner guidance to lead the way. The purpose of heart-based goals is not to enable you to “get ahead” on a physical level, but to encourage you to evolve on a personal level.

Who Do You Want to Become?

The second “five-year plan” question to ask yourself on the journey of life, is not WHERE I want to be but WHO I want to be, five years down the road. On your evolutionary path of unfoldment, what do you hope to express? How do you want to grow? What negative habits or thought patterns do you hope to transmute into something more powerful? Five years from now, what kind of person do you hope to become?

The benefit to focusing on WHO you want to be instead of WHERE you want to be, is that your physical circumstances will take care of themselves. In fact your life situation will probably be much greater than anything you can imagine from the perspective of your current reality because of the changes you have made on an internal level. Since your financial situation, relationships, career and health are all reflections of WHO you are, they will naturally evolve for the better as you begin to make changes within yourself.

As you create a vision of who you want to become, you tap into the qualities of your future self and summon change more rapidly. Make a list of qualities you want to develop, and ask yourself how it would feel to possess those qualities. You can also think of a mentor or role model and ask yourself how it would feel to BE that person.

So where DO you want to be five years from now? Only you can answer that question, but I hope it’s where you find yourself in your present reality: reading one of my blogs, in the never ending space we call NOW. :)

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0 thoughts on “Make a Five Year Plan

  1. vignjevicsasa

    yeah…the old DO-HAVE-BE vs. BE-DO-HAVE

    unfortunately for me, my five-year-road-to-success is full of other people, who often do-not-quite-share-my-vision

    “There are only few genuinely nasty people in this world…though, they tend to move a lot…”
    Jim Rohn


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