“Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.”
- Psychic Medium Allison Dubois

Last Tuesday night I attended a group reading session by psychic medium Allison Dubois. If the name sounds familiar, you probably know her best as the woman who inspired the hit NBC TV show, “Medium”. Allison Dubois is best known for using her psychic abilities to assist law enforcement agencies solve crimes, which is the basis of the TV series.

One of the reasons I went to hear Allison Dubois speak is because although I am quite comfortable with my own psychic ability, mediumship is new to me. To be honest I used to be pretty skeptical of it, until some first hand experiences changed my mind. In any case I’ve recently become more interested in this form of communication, so watching Allison give live psychic readings was extremely fascinating. To my surprise, she also recommended a book that has been sitting unread on my bookshelf for over a year. If you’re interested, the book is called “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman.

I highly recommend going to see well-respected psychics like Allison Dubois if you’re in the process of developing your own intuitive capabilities. Since everyone receives and transmits intuitive information differently, it’s a great opportunity to witness how professional psychics operate. Learning new ways of utilizing my own intuition was another one of the benefits of attending Allison’s session.

The events of the evening unfolded as expected: “Psychic relays information and messages from loved ones who have crossed over.” Since the details of each reading would probably bore you, instead I’ll share some tips I learned from watching Allison work. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful in developing your own psychic gifts or intuitive consulting practice.

1. Look Professional

When Allison entered the room I was relieved at how normal she looked. Unfortunately many people in our society still think that all psychics have to look like wandering gypsies. There’s nothing wrong with looking like a wandering gypsy, however the word “psychic” already carries a negative connotation for many people. I was happy to see Allison looking professional. She’s a beautiful, vibrant, conservative dresser with trendy auburn hair and a huge smile. I’m sure that looking professional played a big part in inspiring others to take her seriously. Looking your best is important in any job, including a career as a psychic.

2. Keep Your Logical Mind Busy

Einstein once said that he received his best ideas in the shower. Keeping your logical left brain busy with a familiar or repetitive task can assist you opening your intuitive right brain to higher information. Allison Dubois uses automatic writing in this way – as she gives psychic readings she holds a massive notepad on her lap and scribbles rapidly. She appears not to be “writing” at all but rather she draws shapes. I noticed that she appeared to stare not at the notepad but through the notepad, as if she were seeing a vision on the other side.

Engaging your mind in something repetitive causes your brain to fall into a lower frequency state that makes it easier to channel intuitive information. A lot of times when I’m doing crafts or cooking, I find that psychic information pops into my head with ease because my logical mind is preoccupied with a repetitive task.

3. Maintain an Emotional Distance

Losing a loved one is a profoundly sad, emotional experience. The revelation of intuitive information can bring intense healing to such a situation, but it’s only reliable when given from an emotionally stable vantage point. I noticed that even when some of the details of her readings are quite sad, Allison maintained her composure at all times. She wasn’t apathetic, but she was distant enough not to let it the readings shatter her own emotions. Allison’s readings were compassionate yet objective, which is a healthy practice not only for her clients but also for her own emotional well being.

4. Express Confidence in Your Ability

Confidence is a dominant factor in the potential success of any profession. It was clear to me that Allison Dubois is extremely confident in her skills as a psychic medium. On the rare occasion that her sitter didn’t understand the information that was coming through, Allison asked them to write it down and explained that it would most likely make sense at a later date. Allison’s prior clients have confirmed this to be true in several books. If you’re not yet confident in your psychic ability, wait until you are before you start giving readings. Your fear of failure could really mess up your intuitive interpretation as well as your reputation with clients.

5. Let Go of Perfectionism

At first I felt disappointed when I read that scientific studies of Allison Dubois’ psychic ability registered her success rate at less than one hundred percent. Shouldn’t a reliable medium be totally consistent?? Then I thought about all the things that I do really well, and I realized that even though I always do my best, I rarely do anything perfectly all the time.

The truth is that your intuitive “hits” are prone to error not because of your ability to receive information, but because of your ability to interpret the information. Psychic information arrives as blocks of thought in the form of symbols that require deciphering. You interpret everything through your individual “filter” (your current level of knowledge and experience). Do your best to translate the information, but don’t give up or get upset if you are unable to interpret things perfectly. Intuition is a natural gift but like all other natural gifts, it’s meant to be cultivated with practice.

6. Hang Out With Other Psychics

If you decide to come out of the broom closet as an psychic, you may expose yourself to a lot of potential rejection. It’s taken me a long time to get comfortable with the fact that I can sense things that other people can’t. For years I just ignored it and labeled myself “crazy”. It wasn’t until I met psychics such as Colette Baron-Reid, Robert Ohotto, and Allison Dubois that I actually felt confident enough to look at sixth sensory perception as a gift and not a curse. As an intuitive, you’re never going to be able to prove yourself to everyone, so you might as well just feel good knowing that you’re being true to yourself, and go watch Ghost Whisperer with your friends.

As a result of Allison Dubois’ lecture, I’m feeling very excited about taking the next step in developing my intuitive skills. For a few weeks now, I’ve been asking for guidance as to how to use this ability to assist others. My answer was given at the end of the night when my name was drawn out of a hat as the winner of Allison’s door prize: a gift certificate from a local intuitive who offers courses on psychic development. Can you spell synchronicity? I gave the Universe a virtual high five.

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