Earth Rise from Moon

I’ve always been a sucker for outer space. In fact one of the first things I remember learning in kindergarten is all of the planet names, in order from Mercury to Pluto (this was back in 1982 kids, when Pluto was still considered a planet).

The reason I love space so much is that it reminds me of how sacred our little planet is. When I see pictures of Earth from space, I immediately get teary. If you could understand my words through the tears you’d probably hear me sobbing, “Earth is so beautiful! So precious!” or somethin’ like that (*blush*).

In 2007 I had the honor of hearing a lecture by Edgar Mitchell, former NASA astronaut and the 6th man on the moon. He talked about the samadhi experience he encountered during his trip home from the moon on Apollo 14. As he gazed out the window at Earth, he was engulfed by a profound sensation “a sense of universal connectedness.” He sensed the wisdom behind all creation and realized that everything in the Universe is conscious. It was because of this experience that Edgar decided to create the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

I can’t help but think of Edgar’s lecture whenever I see photos or videos from space. So when I came across a new space video on Youtube this week, I *almost* broke down into the ugly cry…

Earth!! Isn’t she beautiful???? And oh, so, precious.

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