Don’t die without embracing the daring adventure your life is meant to be.
~ Steve Pavlina

If you are planning on attending Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop, I hope the following tips from my own experience help make yours a great one!


I booked my flight and hotel through Expedia about a month before the conference. I’ve always had wonderful experiences booking trips through Expedia and I highly recommend them. My direct flight from Toronto to Las Vegas on Westjet was only $300 including all taxes and fees.

For this trip I decided to fly at night for a change, which was a stellar decision. The airports were less busy and the flights seemed shorter because I slept most of the way. If you fly at night, don’t forget to pack an inflatable neck cushion, earplugs, and an eye mask. ☺


The Conscious Growth Workshop is the third conference I’ve attended in Las Vegas, so I know how overwhelming it can be to choose a hotel from the hundreds of options.

In the past I’ve stayed off-site and walked or commuted to the conference location, but this time I stayed at on-site at the Flamingo. You may not save money by staying on-site, but you will save time and energy, which for me was more important. If you stay within the hotel, you can use the excess energy you conserve on your personal growth. ☺

If you stay at an off-site hotel, be prepared to do A LOT of walking. The hotels in Vegas are massive; just the commute from my room to the conference room alone took 10 -15 minutes.

My room was not as fancy as some of the other places I’ve stayed in Vegas, but it was extremely quiet and very clean. If you stay at the Flamingo, ask for a room that faces the courtyard instead of the strip. They have a beautiful little wildlife habitat in the back with huge koi, flamingos, and other animals. If your room faces the courtyard, you’ll wake up to the sound of exotic birds instead of exotic dancers. ☺

Getting Around:

From the airport there are plenty of different ways to get to your hotel. Cabs and limos are the most obvious option but I took the Bell Trans shuttle, which you’ll find outside door #9 of the baggage claim. The price was $6.50 one-way or $12 round trip. If you buy a roundtrip ticket, call Bell Trans the day before your outgoing flight to schedule your pick up.

Taxicabs are abundant in Vegas and the fares are reasonable. A couple of taxi tips: it’s illegal to hail cabs off the street; they must pick you up at a hotel or at a cabstand. Also, the drivers don’t accept credit cards, so bring cash.

During this trip I spent most of my time in and around the hotel but in the past I’ve found that the easiest way to get up and down the strip is by jumping on the Las Vegas Monorail. A single ride ticket is $5, a one day pass is $14, and a three day pass is $30.


I was inspired and delighted to find myself surrounded by a crowd of like-minded vegetarians, vegans, and raw vegans at CGW. The hot spot for lunch was Whole Foods Market, a 10 minute / $14 cab ride south of the Flamingo. It was a convenient place not only to eat lunch but also to stock up on snacks and food for later in the day.

Raw vegan restaurant, the Go Raw Café was another highly recommended hot spot. Visit Go Raw for dinner instead of lunch because most people who ate there at noon were late getting back due to slow service (which I understand because preparing raw food can be very time consuming!).

You might also want to also check out Happy Cow for a great list of vegetarian, vegan, and health food stores in Las Vegas.

During my walk each morning I made a point to stop at the Walgreens under the Venetian to pick up fresh fruit and a gallon of water for the day. For non-raw diets, they also have a variety of snacks, drinks, coffee and food, and the prices very reasonable.

For coffee lovers, the closest Starbucks is about two blocks north of the Flamingo just off the strip in a courtyard under Harrah’s. They don’t accept Starbucks cards so bring cash. There are two more Starbucks located inside Harrah’s.


There is something adventurous to do in Las Vegas at all hours of the night and day. There are amazing musicals and shows to see, like the Cirque de Soliel LOVE show at the Mirage (breathtaking!!). I’ve heard you can get deals on show tickets by visiting the booth just outside the Fashion Show Mall on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd & Spring Mountain Rd.

Another popular outing for CGW participants is taking a hike at Red Rock Canyon. I didn’t have a chance to hike this trip but I hope to next time.

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