This post is a continuation from Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop Part 1.

Don’t take advice from someone unless they’re getting the results you want.
~ Steve Pavlina

Day two of Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop began like every other day in Vegas: with a pre-dawn power walk along the Las Vegas strip. Dodging drunken gamblers early in the morning makes for a great workout. ☺

After a brisk walk and a bowl of fruit, I was eager to get back to work. During the second day we took a more in-depth look at our careers, finances, health, skill set, and daily habits. One by one we applied the principles of truth, love, and power to each element in order to improve our alignment with each quality.

By day two I had already come to the conclusion that my weakest link was my social life, and although we wouldn’t closely examine our relationships until day three, it became clear to me how holographic each element of our lives truly are. The improvements I wanted to make in my career, finances, and health for example could easily be achieved by surrounding myself with a group of like-minded people. It felt like the answer to all my challenges could be solved with a complete overhaul of my social network.

The most powerful learning experience I had on day two of the Conscious Growth Workshop was not found in the written exercises however, it was found in observing the attitudes and energy of others in the group. For each subject we discussed, a participant was invited to come on-stage, share a challenge and receive live coaching from Steve and from the audience.

Earlier on Steve had mentioned, When you have doubts about what you want, everyone will pick it up around you and I certainly found that to be the case in observing the live coaching sessions. I noticed that the people who could make things happen in their experience had the ability to focus their energy like a laser; creating an aura of power that was easily perceived just by being around them.

On the other hand, the “foggy” people fed their power to excuses or weren’t sure what they really wanted in life. They allowed their doubts to overshadow their talents and weren’t ready to face the fears that come along with following a path with heart.

Power arose within me when I realized where I was “foggy”. Sometimes I have so many ideas in my head that my energy shoots out in all directions when I would rather focus it all in one place instead. Energy flows where attention goes, so if your attention is all over the place, your power is dispersed and diminished. Day two was a great reminder that true power lies in your ability to focus.

After the workshop I enjoyed a fantastic raw vegan dinner with two of my new friends, and went back to the hotel to review my day. As I fell asleep, I made a resolution to “get clear” about what I wanted so I could emanate the same focus and clarity I admired in Steve and in my fellow CGW’ers.

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2 thoughts on “Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop Pt. 2

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  2. B-T

    I can certainly relate to being foggy. Thankfully, though life experience and intention, I find myself getting clearer and clearer.

    Getting clear… so did you come to a conclusion about what you really want in life?


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