Security is an illusion.
~ Steve Pavlina

Last week I spent three intensive days with 99 other personal development aficionados at a Las Vegas workshop facilitated by writer and motivational speaker, Steve Pavlina. You may be familiar with Steve from his tremendously successful blog and book, “Personal Development for Smart People”. Steve’s latest project, the “Conscious Growth Workshop”, is an intensive learning environment that inspires individuals to take action in creating the most fulfilling experiences for their lives.

Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop is divided into three days of self-reflection, creating a space for participants to evaluate the current status of eight different aspects of life: career, money, physical health, relationships, education, daily habits, emotional life, and spiritual life. Steve guides the workshop participants in applying his principles of “Truth, Love, and Power” to each element in order to determine where they currently stand (what Steve calls “Planet A”) and where they wish to be (“Planet B”). Closing the gap between “A” and “B” almost always includes revealing hidden fears that keep us stuck on “Planet A”, and summoning the courage to overcome them.

To say that my experience at Steve’s workshop was a triumphant success would be an understatement. By lunchtime on day one I had my first epiphany, which surfaced from surge of emotion I had while evaluating my current state of affairs. All of a sudden I realized that one of the main reasons I’m attracted to personal development is a subconscious fear of not being “good enough” just as I am. As I observed Steve, I noticed the difference in energy between a person who is “on the path” because it’s fun and a person who is “on the path” because s/he feels intrinsically flawed.

Before going any further, I decided to process the emotion attached to this “not good enough” feeling or I knew I wouldn’t last the rest of the weekend. I’ve heard that other people have walked out in the middle of Steve’s previous talks and I wouldn’t be surprised if a feeling of “unworthiness” was the cause. In any case, I used the entire lunch break of day one to journal and release some emotion using EFT. Two hours later, I felt a new sense of calm and clarity. I was eager for more conscious growth!

Although day one was more of an opportunity for us to take a personal inventory of our lives, we were also given some fear-busting exercises to carry out over the course of the weekend. The exercise I found most difficult was the “power” exercise in which we had to approach strangers in the hotel with random (and sometimes wacky) questions or comments. This was a challenge for me as I’ve always been somewhat shy and introverted. I’m happy to announce that another fragment of that fear dissolved when I approached a hotel worker in the lobby and told her that she was loved. Her eyes immediately softened and filled with gratitude. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” she said, as I realized I had just told her exactly what she needed to hear.

Another powerful exercise on day one was the transdimensional meditation in which we connected to our higher selves for guidance. When I asked my higher self what I should be doing for a living, I was surprised to “see” myself singing again, as I have not seriously considered taking on any new music projects for the last few months.

As day one of the workshop drew to a close, my new friends scurried to make plans for the evening. I was ecstatic to be asked to go see “LOVE” at the Mirage, a Cirque de Soliel show featuring all Beatles music.

My heart filled with joy as I watched “LOVE” and appreciated all the joy, laughter, and innocence expressed by the dancers. I thought about my emotional experience earlier in the day and had my second epiphany; I decided that from this point forward, I would transfer the light-hearted, playful feeling of Cirque de Soliel unto my path of personal development.

To be continued in:
Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop Part 2
Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop Part 3

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12 thoughts on “Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop Pt. 1

  1. Drasko

    Great article, but what I found quite surprising is your fear of people. I NEVER would have thought that about you after spending the workshop getting to know you. As far as I’m concerned I think any fears you might have had in that area are not affecting you any more! kudos!


  2. Patrick Ward

    Wonderful review KB. I felt a lot of the same fears upon arriving in Vegas. Yet, just as you did, I also found a lot of hidden courage within.

    I particularly liked your insight about noticing the difference between someone who is “on the path” because it’s fun, and someone who is “on the path” for fear of being flawed.

    I wish we could have talked at the conference. There are so many people I missed speaking to.


  3. Jeff Yooper Smith

    w00t! Awesome. You are my new favorite connection…you say the nicest, deepest things to me…it’s like you are helping my soul wake up…THANKS!!!! just does not cut here…

    Let’s play!! :D


  4. Andre

    KB, a sincere thanks for writing up this review. I have been deeply curious about Steve’s workshop, have read about it at his blog etc., and this post gives me much better idea about it. Something I would definitely attend when I visit the states!

    Absolutely love your insights here, especially on how you noticed the difference in energy between a person who is “on the path” because it’s fun and a person who is “on the path” because s/he feels intrinsically flawed. It gave me goosebumps as I recognized that I still have that subconscious fear of not being “good enough” just as I am… Do you use EFT as your main tool to get clear, or do you use other methods too?

    It made me smile to picture you telling the hotel worker “You are loved”, that is beautiful!

    You are Love, and You are Loved, KB :-)


  5. B-T

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience of CGW! I’ve been seriously considering going to one of the conferences this year, and this post has me even more excited.

    It’s encouraging to hear that you had not just one, but two epiphanies connected to the workshop. I’m curious though, would you go to another workshop this year or do you feel you’ve gotten all the value out of it? Or would you wait a year?

    I may just go out and tell a random person, “you are loved” today, just to stretch myself. :D


  6. Taz @ Climb the Rainbow

    Hey KB,

    That sentence about not feeling “good enough” knocked me for six.

    I feel exactly the same way, but haven’t been able to put my finger on why until now.

    Thanks for the great article – you’ve inspired me to write again for the first time this year!



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