Thank you so much for the reading. I could not believe how good the timing was - I was having a conversation with a family member when I received your call. Your message was EXACTLY what I was discussing at the time. The message you gave from my father was very reassuring and gave me the strength to continue my conversation after the call. In 20 minutes you gave so much information about my life. Thank you for giving me the encouragement that I was doing all I could do, and that I have lots of help around me always. I deeply enjoyed my reading with Karen. Thank you for the gift you gave me and I look forward having my next reading with you.

Pat K
Ontario, Canada

I am blessed to have come across Karen. Her readings have been on point. I am pleased with how informative and insightful her readings have been. I sense Karen to be kind and loving and although I have not met her in person I feel like she is a friend. I appreciate all you've done for me and all the positive vibes you send my way. Truly grateful.

Dubai, UAE

Without a doubt the very best reading I have had - Karen is an absolute angel. She has a very soft and comforting voice and is very patient with the information coming in. At times I found that I was getting caught up in her being overwhelmed by all the love and humor that was coming to me from my dad. It made me feel that somehow she was now a part of my family. There was mention from dad of a baby girl and while I knew my nephew's wife was expecting we didn't know what she was having. I waited to write this until we knew. She is having a girl AND a boy. Twins! Karen did see an event with the boy but I assumed it was my nephew's 7 yr old son. I now have to suspect it is for the new one that is on the way. Karen gave me info about my 23 yr old son by way of daddy. When I passed the info on to my son, his mouth dropped and confirmed everything that said. My dad told her of my very sick uncle (his brother) and that was spot on. After the reading I quickly typed notes of everything that was discussed so that I could refer back to it later. It was such an overwhelming reading that it took me several days to process it all. Karen is so gifted and she is such a gem!!

Charlotte, NC

Karen has great knowledge and expertise. She is an energetic and personable professional in her field. She is highly respectable and very trustworthy; she loves to help people and is the most amazing lady I know. She did a reading on me and I was so shocked at all the things that were true and came true. She has such talent in everything she does.

Mississauga, Ontario Canada

The information Karen gave me was very precious and essential at this point of my life in order to move forward. Karen saw through the symptoms and into the root of the issue that was troubling me and she gave me advice on how to begin healing it. I realized so many things about myself after the reading - its amazing! I felt that Karen genuinely cared and that she believes I can be free from the issue that has caused me pain all my life...Karen is special...warm, comforting, lighthearted and loving..I had an excellent communication with her. I strongly recommend a reading with Karen - it helped me take leaps forward and I am sure it will help you too.


Karen is a truly gifted reader.  During my reading she gave me extremely insightful answers to the most vexing questions I've been battling in my mind.  She helped relay the information I needed to make optimal choices and get myself where I needed to next. I was so inspired by this reading that I decided to turn my life around immediately!   If there was ever an event that could mark a critical life turning point this reading would definitely be one of them. Highly recommend without a doubt!

San Francisco, California

I am extremely pleased with the mediumship reading Karen did for me - it was both  informational and inspiring. She not only helped me connect with my grandfather but also other family members who wanted to speak with me, even spirit guides! She's diligent and very cooperative when it comes to her readings, coming from a clear and fast connection. Apart from her effectiveness she is also a kind and helpful soul, having the type of understanding that you'd require when dealing with such sensitive matters. I am grateful for her work and recommend her services.


Karen is a blessing for the spiritual community. The clarity in her mediumship session is unique and uplifting. She has a very friendly way of taking her client on a journey into the past and the memories of their loved beings, who have crossed over. The details in her channeling are unmistakably lucid and coherent. Her session is insightful and soothing. She has a talent for not only connecting you to the crossed over souls, but also aligning your body and soul in a remarkable way. Thanks Karen for being there.


Karen provided such a wonderful, insightful, informative, and reassuring reading for me. She gave me plenty of time to ask my pressing questions, and she really seemed to genuinely care about me, even though this was just our first reading. Karen truly is a wonderful professional who obviously has a passion for her work and cares deeply about others. Karen - I am so grateful for your kindness and the information you provided. it was validating and so helpful. I will be back again for sure!

Ontario, Canada

The messages Karen conveyed during my mediumship reading were very meaningful and helped me greatly. I felt that she connected very well to my loved ones and that she received their essence very, very accurately. She offers a wonderful service for us all. Thank you so much Karen for a wonderful reading!


"With so few places in the world to get this kind of guidance, I feel such gratitude to Karen for what I intuitively know is honest, accurate advice. She was a shining light in a time of darkness and now that I'm at the other end, it's that much clearer how inspired her guidance was."

Angie Aristone, Psychic Medium
London, Ontario, Canada

"My mediumship session with Karen was truly amazing ! My daughter lost her baby boy at 22 weeks gestation, and has had a very difficult time. Karen was able to reach Levi, and pass on that he was meant to be my daughter's guardian angel and that he is looking over her . My maternal grandmother is watching over him. This knowledge is helping my daughter move forward in leaps and bounds.......we thank you so very much Karen!"

Ontario, Canada

"My reading with Karen started out like a lightning bolt! No “easing into it”. She was spot on. I think Karen is someone I will continue to connect with for spiritual help well into the future. Her sincerity, gentle humor and caring made it so easy for even the newcomer like me.  Thank you Karen."

Paula M

I deeply enjoyed my mediumship reading with Karen. In less than 20 minutes, her accurate impressions helped to confirm and revive the sense of undying companionship I have felt from a deceased loved one. She relayed valuable advice and acknowledgment that was relevant both to my situation, and to other members of my family. Even the exact first name of the loved one came through! Not only is KB a clear and compassionate channel for divine messages, she is also an absolute pleasure to speak with. Five stars!

Phoenix Huber
Arizona, USA

I loved my reading with KB so much. She emits very lovely bubbly and friendly energy, and her presence is bright. Her reading made a lot of sense to me, and after the reading, I talked to my family and found out that some of the details about a deceased loved one were accurate.


"My reading with Karen was very accurate, very positive, and very loving.  I was very happy to hear where some of my fears and anxieties were coming from. 
While working with Karen, I felt safe - like I was speaking with a very good friend.  Not only will she help you to release things that no longer serve you;  you can also be sure you are talking with a very soulful person.  Thank you KB for all your help!"

Thelma Assad
San Diego, California