The Future is an Illusion

“Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did.”
- Malcolm Forbes

This morning I skipped off to the bank to open up an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan). I don’t give much thought to my future as a senior citizen, but putting some spare cash into RRSPs saves me money I would otherwise pay in taxes.

While I was there, a financial advisor offered me some very logical advice. She said that as someone who is self-employed, it would be smart for me to continue to put money away every year so I can “retire early”.

“Hmmm…” I thought to myself. “Retire early. I can hardly pull myself away from my awesome job to take a one-week vacation. Why would I want to retire early??”

Retirement is a concept that doesn’t make much sense to me. After all, I’ve purposefully created a job that generates joy, health, fun and prosperity. The more I focus on being happy and grateful now, the better my life gets. At this rate by the time I’m fifty, I’ll be making a fortune doing handstands on the beach. Who in their right mind would want to retire from that??

It’s time to wake up and ditch the coffee, people. If your life sucks now, your retirement is also going to suck, because how you feel today is an excellent indication of how you’ll feel tomorrow.

People who are banking on retirement (both literally and figuratively) have yet to realize that the future is just a projection of the thoughts and beliefs they are holding now. Until you shift your perspective, this is as good as it’s going to get.

Life doesn’t suck when you’re doing something you love. There’s no need for “retirement” if you’re doing something you love. People assume that retirement will give them the freedom to do what they want, when in reality they are free to do what they want right now.

What do you love to do? Do that. What you love to do and what you want out of life are Divine clues you are meant to follow.

You are an eternal soul experiencing a temporary life on planet Earth. A life of leisure is not your goal; a life of joy is. Your soul intends to use your unique gifts and talents to make the world a more awesome place, and it intends to do so every day for the rest of your life. This is not a path of sacrifice; it’s a path of bliss.

Only the present moment exists.

The future is an illusion.

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6 thoughts on “The Future is an Illusion

  1. Scott Webb

    I would argue that it’s not a mini-economy.

    But that doesn’t matter.

    I have an article half started as free-writing that is about eliminating the word retirement from my vocabulary. I hate it. I worked at TD Bank. I really hate it.

    My entire online presence is about inspiring people to do the things that inspire them in life. Never waiting. Never banking on retirement to start living.

    So many people don’t even understand RRSP and they mindlessly put the money into it. Want a tax refund? Pour more money into your RRSP. What if you took that money and started doing something that put you on the journey of your dreams today.


  2. Andarin

    Weird. I was just projecting out growth numbers for Byteful Travel yesterday, and realizing that extrapolating numbers like that, while it could give me some idea of where I’d be perhaps 6 months from now, the certainty completely goes out the window after a certain point. Extrapolation (the act of projecting numbers out based on the current rate of growth) basically reaches zero certainty at some point.

    “…the future is just a projection of the thoughts and beliefs they are holding now.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth, KB! I get the feeling that you were “in the vortex” for this post since you practically read my mind about something I’d been thinking about recently. So the question begs, what if we changed and thoughts TODAY? What are the limits to their profound affect on our future?

    I’d say that’s unquantifiable, but huge.


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