“‘Feeling good’ is the soul’s way of shouting, ‘this is who I am’.”
~ Conversations With God

The most important thing is how you feel. The most important thing is how you feel. I really can’t drill it into your head enough that the most important thing is how you feel.

Feeling is the language of the Universe. Your feelings are your only indicator as to whether or not you are currently in alignment or out of alignment with what you truly wish to create and experience in this lifetime.

As an energetic being in a vibrational Universe, you constantly emit a specific frequency. Your feelings tell you what that frequency is and where you are at on the scale of vibration. Vibration is everything because it determines the people, events, situations, ideas, and opportunities that you draw into your life based upon the Law of Attraction.

Feeling Good vs Feeling Bad

The spectrum of feelings is broad, but can easily be narrowed down into one simple question – are you feeling good, or are you feeling bad?

If you are feeling good, you are “lined up” with what you want and things will unfold easily for you. You’ll have a thought and it won’t be long until it pops up somewhere in your physical experience. If you are feeling good you are maintaining thoughts of self-love, appreciation, peace, and well being.

If you are feeling bad, you are “lined up” with what you don’t want and are holding yourself in a state of resistance towards receiving what you do want. Life will tend to frustrate or depress you. The things you desire in life are slow in coming, if they come at all. If you are feeling bad you are harboring thoughts of sadness, shame, revenge, or frustration.

The most common way people hold themselves in a state of resistance is by focusing on what’s going wrong in their lives. Unfortunately by focusing on what’s going wrong, you remain focused on what you don’t want. Focusing on what you don’t want attracts more of what you don’t want. It’s by focusing on what you DO want that will enable you to attract the good stuff. How do you focus upon what you do want? With a quiet mind, gratitude, and your imagination.

Shift Your Feelings with a Quiet Mind

The first way to create more positive feelings is by quieting your mind with meditation. Meditation lifts all resistance because it stops the flow of negative thoughts into your mind. It allows you to distance yourself from your thought patterns so you are better able to choose your thoughts constructively. Meditation can be difficult to sustain but is a quick fix when you notice you are feeling uncomfortable. Meditation stops an uncomfortable feeling instantly by putting an end to the thought that created it.

Shift Your Feelings with Gratitude

Another quick and easy way to improve your feelings is to begin to look for things to be grateful for. Take time to focus upon the elements of your experience that ARE working. Begin a practice of looking for things to appreciate during your day, with the intention of writing them down before you go to sleep at night. Before long you’ll experience a dramatic shift in your feelings throughout the day because you’ll have shifted your point of attraction. You’ll begin to notice that the external circumstances of your life are changing for the better. New ideas and opportunities are available to you. New people emerge to help you. Life begins to flow.

Shift Your Feelings with Your Imagination

Once your mind is quiet and you are feeling grateful, multiply those good feelings even more by using your imagination. What is it you really want to experience in Life? What is it that would make you joyful and happy? By imagining yourself already experiencing what you wish to create, you’ll cultivate the vibration and subsequent feelings you need to sustain and attract it to you.

Shift your thoughts, and you’ll shift your feelings.
Shift your vibration, and you’ll shift your feelings.
Shift your feelings, and you’ll shift your Life experience.

I repeat, the most important thing is how you feel. ☺

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0 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing is How You Feel

  1. Rob McPhillips

    So true, Karen. Often the only thing that we have any control of is how we feel. And how we feel determines how resourceful, creative and energetic we are in changing that situation.


  2. Jen

    Great post Karen.
    I have started a journal, where I write down in the morning (in the present tense) my goals as if they have already happened and in the evening, everything I am grateful for in the day and have noticed definate shifts in my outlook and experience. Feeling are our signpost.
    Thanks again
    Jen x


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