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Lately I’ve been extremely preoccupied with the idea of creating passive income streams. I can’t stop thinking about it. When I go to bed, I’m thinking PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS. When I wake up, I’m thinking PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS. I eat, sleep, and breathe passive income streams.

I blame Costa Rica. Those negative ions really have an effect on you. And ever since I returned home from Costa Rica, I’ve been obsessed with going back. Not just for a week, but for a month. Or two. Or three.

Spending the cold months in the tropics has been a dream of mine for years now. But the reality is, if I want to spend a good chunk of the winter in Costa Rica, I gotta make money while I’m there.  So, I could:

  • A) Grow dreadlocks and sell little doo-dads on the beach… OR…
  • B) Create a massive passive income stream and spend my time writing, blogging, and writing (with a little yoga and surfing thrown in, of course.)

Well, the votes were cast and the winner is option B. Not because I wouldn’t be great at making doo-dads, because I’m an EXPERT at making doo-dads. But I would probably burn to a crisp and let’s face it; y’all want me to keep blogging, right?

And so… I’ve embarked on a little experiment. It’s a passive income experiment.

I’m creating a new niche website with a spiritual theme. I haven’t decided yet whether to share the URL here on my blog, but I probably will once the site is complete.

The income from this site will be derived mostly from Google Adsense, as well as a few affiliate links. Once the site has been finished, it will require only a small amount of maintenance, probably a blog post or two per week. This will enable me to focus more on creating posts and products for this site (my baby!).

My goal is to have my new site ranked on page one of Google for it’s main keyword by my birthday (March 30). My ultimate goal is to have it ranked in the #1 spot on Google for it’s main keyword phrase, with 40 – 50,000 visitors per month and earning $2000 per month.

The interesting thing about this experiment is that I’m going to be using a wide range of skills to make it happen. I’ll be blogging, designing graphics, marketing, and SEO-ing the site, but I’m also going to throw a bit of metaphysics into the mix. Yup, I’ll be using a combination of prayer, meditation, and visualization as part of the site-building process.

I’m so excited to share this experiment with you because I think it will provide a great example of how to balance energy work with action steps. YES we have to take action to reach a goal, but it’s oh so important to align our energy FIRST. We have to create our desired result energetically (in our minds) before it can become a physical reality.

During my meditation this week, I was shown how our energy shoots out ahead of us and creates what looks to me like energetic “grids” or blueprints. I was then shown how these blueprints become the foundation of our physical reality.

I’ll be using this “energy blueprint theory” as a basis for my passive income experiment. Before I take any action steps, I plan on taking the time to visualize this new site being successful.

If you want to take part in the experiment, come up with your own passive income stream idea and tell me about it in the comments below. Or if you have any SEO tips, feel free to leave them for me as well.

And just remember: laptops + piña coladas make a wonderful combination.

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25 thoughts on “The Passive Income Experiment

  1. Katie

    Ooh, this is exciting, KB! I can’t wait to see how it goes and hear the details of what you’re planning. :)

    I’m working on passive income streams too – I’ve played with various ideas. I’m finally at the point where I realize that each idea has to be in line with my bigger goals, so I’m playing with ideas that are related to personal growth. :)

    I just dared to launch my first site – *really* not polished yet, but it’s a community where people can have their own photoblogs, and learn mindfulness through photography. http://photomindful.com – one idea of many.. my little passive income experiment. :)


        1. KB Post author

          I know what you mean! I’m using keyword research as a basis for my new site. The Market Samurai software has been a great tool. :)


          1. Katie

            Ooh, really! I just bought that, too! :) I’ve been listening to the Smart Passive Income podcasts, they’re really awesome. Hehe I’d love to share notes/resources with you as we’re both exploring this! :)

  2. Brett Simpson

    Sounds awesome, KB.

    I wish you every success with this worthwhile project and hope you make it back to Costa Rica soon…

    Light and Love,



  3. Wayne Fisher


    First, I love your vision. Let’s be more specific. My intention is to spend January 2013 at Casa Caribe, become conversational in Spanish, and maybe catch a few waves.

    Second, I have some more active exercises that may help differentiate your site and attract the 50,000 visitors you need to achieve your income goal. After all, a “site” is just another “product” that needs to satisfy some unmet need in a unique way.

    I, too, blame Costa Rica for many things. All good.

    Wishing you pura vida,


    1. KB Post author

      Wayne ~ hope to hang out and surf with you in CR again! I’m totally missing morning coffee at El Capitaine!


  4. Mike

    Sounds like a cool (well hot actually) idéa KB, no fun in freezing that for sure. :D

    I’ve just stumbled onto this site and I gotta say I find it very inspirational. I especially like your spiritual idéas they all seem to resonate with thoughts of my own – that /is/ cool.

    Keep up the good work, and keep those $$$ rolling. :)


  5. Sasa Vignjevic

    LOL, so you caught the virus, too…
    The funniest thing – with the current level of technology provided, I think I may even be able to work from Bali. However, let me check if this really sticks while staying there in February.
    Don’t think that you will be able to sort all the things out up here, and then go down totally relaxed; it probably will not happen and is also making the whole thing unexciting. Baby steps are much funnier. The transition zone is the place where all the excitement is.
    …and talking about passive income, I haven’t even started doing my own thing…damn.


  6. adam

    inspiring. just the nudge i needed. been doing seo and traffic generation for work and dabling on the side. going to go for it and will be happy to share resources:-)


  7. Martin

    Get out of the website making bullshit and create yourself a real business where other people work for you and take care of the everyday stuff while youre on vacation.


  8. Udi Dahan

    I once thought about going down that path, almost to a level of obsession. Luckily, I found out what limiting belief I had that stood behind that and dealt with it. Now I have financial freedom without almost a single passive income stream (the one I’ve got is really quite tiny).

    Let me put it to you like this:

    Do you believe that you could provide so much value that you would be compensated 10X (or more) than what you’re earning now?


  9. Timmy Deleu

    Hey KB,

    I have a few websites with adsense and some I monitize with Clickbank. For traffic I use pure SEO.

    If you want to monitize with adsense there is one thing you have to get right from the start or else you might not get as much out of it as you could. The search volume of the keywords and the amount of value you can get per click.

    An example:
    One website got 220 clicks and made €21 today
    Another website got 63 clicks and got €53 today

    When it comes to adsense you need to go where the money is at. Otherwise an ebook or another affiliate product might be better. I also use freelance workers from odesk to write article for me on topics that do not interest me. The good thing about websites is that a website that makes good money and ranks well you can sell for a nice sum on flippa. And adsense website that make $1000 per month could possibly sell for $24000.

    I’m not a guru or an expert, just sharing some of my experience with you. If you have any questions, let me know.

    Kind regards,


    1. KB Post author

      Hey Timmy!
      Thanks so much for your comment. When I was doing my keyword research I used Market Samurai and I did try to pick keywords with a higher value. I guess I won’t really know how valuable it will be though until it’s on page one!!
      Thanks for the flippa tip. I may end up selling the site… we’ll see what happens! Thanks again for your input! kb.


      1. Timmy Deleu

        You can use the Google Traffic Estimator to get an idea about what advertisers are paying for a particular keyword. This is not the Google Keyword Tool, it’s nearly the same interface. I have market samurai too but I use this to get an idea of the value of a keyword. Use $100 daybudget (or adjust to Canadian Dollar). Then adjust the CPC until you get an estimated position of about 3. The real CPC of adsense will always be lower then adwords and this tool is for adwords but you can get a good idea. If the CPC is only $0.20 its probably not worth going for.

        You might also want to consider targeting the local market such as Canada. I live in Belgium and I was able to get good rankings for top financial terms which pay a very high CPC in any country. In the local markets there are simply less people using seo on websites so it’s easier to rank. I usually get click around €1 but last week I actually got one for €5 so you need a lot less clicks to get a decent income.

        Good luck!


        1. KB Post author

          Thanks for the tip Timmy. I’d never used the traffic estimator but I tried it with the keyword that I picked and the CPC was $1.01. Is that good? Also your idea about targeting local markets is a great one. :)


          1. Timmy Deleu

            I guess CPC $1.01 you can expect get click below $1. But hey, you can try anyway if you like, I’ve had a few websites that didn’t do so well but the beauty is that you can always sell them, especially if you have proof of earnings. It’s just if the CPC is higher you will get more reward for your efforts. (although you probably won’t be the only one targeting that keyword)

            I actually read the 100k adsense blueprint which is written by guys who actually make more then 100k a year with adsense (they show some of their websites and results), and they usually say that $2 or $3 is a good target but it’s not always easy to find such keyword. But even if it’s lower then that you will probably make something so your efforts won’t be lost. I have some websites that only make $15 a month but I don’t do any work on them and maybe I’ll sell them for $100 or $150 one day.

            If you target local market get a local domain name such as domain.ca instead of domain.com.

          2. Timmy Deleu

            If you get $0.10 per click on average and you get 10 clicks per day that will add up to $30 per month or 360 per year.

            If you get $1 per click on average and you get 10 clicks per day that will add up to $300 per month or $3600 per year.

            It adds up :-)

            Have to go now. Good luck!

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