“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
~ Robert Byrne

Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider the ultimate purpose of Life? If not, it’s only a matter of time before you do.

It’s a question that often emerges out of chaos. You go bankrupt, your partner divorces you, a loved one dies; your body becomes sick, you lose your job… and in all the confusion, you begin to ask yourself the question, “what the heck am I doing on the planet, anyways? What’s the purpose of life?”

Thankfully we are reaching a point in human history where the drama we’ve created in past generations is no longer needed to initiate a fulfilling life experience. More and more people are beginning to realize that by taking time to ponder the deeper nature of Reality in the first place, all their strife and struggle can be left outside the door.

So what is the purpose of Life? And what is the purpose of YOUR life? Why are you here? The answer is much simpler than you think. As an energetic being living in a physical body, you are here for three reasons: to EXPERIENCE, to EXPRESS, and to EVOLVE.

The First Purpose of Life: Experience

The primary purpose of your life on planet earth is to EXPERIENCE life as a human being.

You are here to experience life as the invaluable, one of a kind work of art that is YOU. In a similar way that you experience a thrill when watching an exciting movie, the essence of you seeks to experience the thrill of living life in your unique body, with your specific family and friends, in the town or city that you live in, with your one of a kind likes and dislikes, etc. The only difference between “watching” your life and a watching a movie is that in the midst of your life experience, you have a tendency to forget that the main character (YOU) is not real.

The Real You cannot be defined by your name or personality. The Reality of You exists BEHIND the role that you are playing in life, and it is much more powerful and much more real than the little human being you see in the mirror every morning when you brush your teeth. The true essence of you is a spark of infinite intelligence, or “The Force” as George Lucas calls it. :) This deeper element of you is your non-physical counterpart, and remains totally undisturbed by any of the circumstances that it experiences on the movie screen of your life. It knows that each and every experience is designed to assist in conceiving and creating the next stage of its’ adventure in evolution.

The ups and downs of your experience are necessary, for it is the contrast between these experiences that help you define what it is you wish to create with regards to the second purpose of your life – your self expression.

The Second Purpose of Life: Expression

The second purpose of your life is creative self EXPRESSION.

Every person on the planet is in an artist, and his or her life is the canvas. Some people create multi-million dollar masterpieces, while others produce lumps of clay. There is beauty in both, for everyones’ external life is simply an exquisite creative expression of the thoughts and feelings they are holding in their consciousness.

Your true nature also expresses itself in the physical world using the unique natural talents that it longs to share with others. Art, music, film, and creative writing are all mediums the soul uses to express itself. Even people who do not consider themselves “artistic” find creative outlets for their soul in sports, science, medicine, parenting, mathematics, and even comedy.

The natural inclination to express oneself creatively on the planet also involves an element of personal development. You will have to develop and hone your character as well as your gifts in order to successfully deliver them into the world. This naturally draws you into the third purpose of life, which is evolution.

The Third Purpose of Life: Evolution

The third purpose of life is personal and collective EVOLUTION.

Everything in nature is in a constant process of growing, developing, and unfolding for the better. You too are part of the evolutionary process, but many human beings have a tendency to forget that they are part of nature, not separate from it.

The ultimate purpose of your experiences and creative endeavors on the planet exist to pull you towards the evolution of a greater expression of Life. The goal is to allow the soul to freely express itself without the hindrance of resistance that is created by the personality (the “character” you see in the bathroom mirror).

You can begin to consciously participate in your own evolution by becoming aware of the link between your habitual thought patterns and your external world. Are you constantly treading water in a maelstrom of fear, doubt, and worry? What is showing up as a result in your external world? The most exciting thing about this knowledge is the sudden realization of your power to turn it all around and create the life of your dreams.


Your most fulfilling life will emerge when you begin to acknowledge that your existence is meant to be an experience of constant creative expression, using the gifts you were given to develop and share. You’ll begin to evolve into alignment with your soul in order to express yourself creatively on the planet in a way that only you know how to do.

And that my friends, is the purpose of life. ☺

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0 thoughts on “The Purpose of Life

  1. kb Post author

    I would like to add that the ultimate purpose of life is LOVE.

    The experience of Love…
    The expression of Love…

    and the evolution of Love.



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  3. Trevor Harden

    This is great… I’ve often told myself that the main purpose of life is the EXPERIENCE. Therefore, I’m no so ready to judge the moment – or wish things were different – or bitch and moan that things aren’t going as planned –

    I can simply experience, enjoy and/or accept whatever is arising at this moment — and realize that this experience IS the point! And it’s a magic, crazy, amazing thing.

    (and your follow-up points on Expression and Evolution are wonderful too!)

    thanks for sharing your thoughts


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  5. Percival J. Meris

    For a long time now, I have been looking for the answer to the purpose of my life. Different sources have given different answers. Among them, I accepted only one answer – i.e. to strive to “perfect” my soul so it can blend with the the perfection of God Almighty and be worthy to join Him when I leave this life.

    I am also accepting your thoughts on this, it being consistent with the idea of striving for “perfection” when you talked about evolution. I think you have given me the best answer to this life-long question of mine – so simple and yet so appealing: experience, expression, evolution. After all, isn’t it what this life is all about really?


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