well-beaten-path“Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.”
- Unknown

Recently I was talking to a friend who confessed to me that he hates his job. He admitted that the reason he continues to work in his current profession is because he loves the money and the reassurance of a huge pension. He also expressed some concern about the possibility that thinking in this way makes him a shallow person.

I felt the need to address this loaded issue in my blog because I know so many people in same situation. The root of this problem are the unhealthy, unconscious beliefs “running the program” of our minds; beliefs that we have come to accept through cultural conditioning. My friend’s thoughts about his work life are a prime example of some very common limiting beliefs that I’d like to de-bunk.

Limiting Belief # 1 – “I am a consumer (not a creator).”

My friend thinks that the sole purpose of his job is to make money, which is a common and destructive belief in our society. Somewhere along the line we all unconsciously agreed that the purpose of our work life was to enable us to go out and “buy stuff”. I’m not discounting the fact that we need money to survive, but I’ve witnessed over and over again how the Universe fully supports individuals with ease when they make an effort to switch off the “consumer” program and switch on the “creator” program. This happens when you decide that the purpose of your work life is not to enable you to consume goods, but instead to create something of value by utilizing the unique gifts and talents you were born with to fulfill a purpose. Ironically, a creator effortlessly provides a supportive and secure living environment for themselves and for their families because they have shifted their focus from consumerism to creationism. In doing so they have unknowingly taken on the vibrational frequency of giving instead of getting, which opens the door to abundance. To make a long story short, we always receive more of what we give out.

Limiting Belief # 2 – “I can have either this OR that (but not both).”

Another limiting belief in my friend’s mind is his unconscious decision that it isn’t possible to have a job he enjoys AND earn loads of money AND have lots of dough left over for a great retirement. The result of this ingrained pattern of either-or thinking is extreme self-limitation, mediocrity, and doubt.

I have an alternate view: you can easily have your cake and eat it too; just bake more cake. Knowing you have the unlimited, exquisite ingredients of the infinite Universe at your disposal (unlimited “dough”), why would you go bake your cake with that 10 year old generic cake mix in the back of your cupboard? The Universe’s recipe is simple: decide what you want, and then focus upon it.

Limiting Belief # 3 – “I will be happy / satisfied / fulfilled at some point in the future.”

The third mind virus is a common one; it’s called “living for a future that never comes”. By postponing happiness until his retirement, my friend is destined for a life of misery. I’ll never forget a TV show I watched about a man who worked at a factory job he hated for his entire life, with the sole purpose of enjoying a comfortable retirement. By the time he retired he was experiencing an immeasurable number of health problems that made enjoying his daily life unbearable (probably because the vibration of his negativity eventually manifested in his physical body). To make matters worse, the year after he retired his company went bankrupt and was unable to pay for his pension, his medication, or any his healthcare benefits.

My friends, I would like to emphasize to you that your life is in session NOW. Not next week, not next year, not in twenty-five years, but NOW. If you don’t find a way to be happy now, you will never be happy. The truth is that happiness comes first, and then the good stuff unfolds in your life as a result of it. Your outer life is a just a projection of your inner life; not the other way around. Therefore if you think your unhappiness is a result of your work life, you only have two choices: get a job you like, or like the job you’ve got.

Limiting Belief # 4 – “Money is shallow.”

My friend equates wanting money with being shallow. I would like to assert to my friend and to each and every one of you that money is not shallow, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring loads of it. Personally, I love money – bring it on!! Yearning for wealth is a naturally encoded desire within you because you know that it is your birthright to be free. Money enables you to lovingly support yourself, to create a comfortable living environment that helps you fulfill your life purpose, to widen your perspective via travel, and to be giving to others, among many, many other things.

The danger with money arises when it becomes your means to an end. If you are only working for money, you’re not living life to the fullest because chances are you are not fulfilled by your job. You’re not living up to your highest purpose because you’re not thinking like a creator. Money comes naturally when you feel wealthy, and you’ll only feel genuinely wealthy when you begin to give the gift of yourself.

It’s also important to remember that YOU are not your money, your job, your possessions, or your status. All those things fall away when your body dissolves, so it’s best not to invest your sense of self in them by thinking that they define you. In reality you are a soul expressing itself in human form.

Fortunately, there is an easy antidote to the viruses in your head, which is to program your mind to think the opposite of the limiting beliefs you’re currently holding. I’ll give you a head start by giving you a few morning affirmations:




My homework for you is to stick these affirmations to your bathroom mirror and say them to yourself morning and night for two minutes while brushing your teeth.

Well now that that’s all said and done, I’m going to go bake myself a vegan cake and eat it, too. ☺

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