The Shift by Wayne DyerThe Shift is an invitation to explore the process of moving away from an aimless life to one filled with meaning and purpose.
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Last month I was asked by one of my favorite companies, Hay House Publishing, to review some of their inspiring personal development products. Being a huge Hay House fan, I was ecstatic to receive my first “gift” in the mail – the DVD and and accompanying book “The Shift”, featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer.

The Shift is a film about a driven businessman, an overworked mother, and an aspiring film director who are all in the midst of “the shift” from an ambitious life to a meaningful one. Interviews with Wayne Dyer are intertwined throughout the storyline, creating an inspiring journey of self-exploration for the audience.

The Shift is a powerful reminder of some of the cultural spells that take over our minds, which emphasize that achievement and accumulation are the keys to happiness. When we buy into these false claims, we “edge God out” (EGO) and make choices from our ego rather than our authentic self.

Until we make the shift from an ambitious life to a meaningful one, our lives are governed by ego constructs that lead to a false sense of identity. These constructs perpetuate misleading ideas such as:

  • “Who I am is What I Have”
  • “Who I Am is What I Do”
  • “Who I am Is What Others Think Of Me”
  • “Who I am is Separate from Everyone Else”

The problem with these types of beliefs is that they will ultimately lead to disappointment. They reinforce the importance of the physical world even though it is transient and impermanent.

When we make the shift from ego to authentic self, we make the shift from ambition to meaning. We live from a new perspective when we realize that there is more to life than can be seen. This shift in consciousness encourages us to:

  • Shift from doing more to doing less
  • Shun the spotlight and function more from the shadows
  • Believe in Unity rather than separation
  • Trust the Wisdom that created us

My favorite part in The Shift is listening to Dr. Dyer remind us that for the first 9 months of our lives, we were completely taken care of by the wisdom of the Universe. While in our mother’s womb, we didn’t spend hours fretting about what color our eyes were going to be or how our organs were developing. We simply trusted in the Force that was operating through us and as us. Why can’t we trust in that Intelligence NOW?

If you’ve had a haircut or trimmed your fingernails lately, be reminded that the wisdom of the Universe still flows through you. You can re-connect to this energy at any time simply by becoming aware of it.

I highly recommend “The Shift” for anyone in the midst of contemplating life from a deeper level. It serves as a powerful reminder that “you are only one thought away from changing your Life”.

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0 thoughts on “The Shift from Ambition to Meaning

  1. Teresa

    Great reminders! I think I’m doing pretty well as far as living consciously and with meaning, but still need to do less instead of more. It’s a process, right?!

    Thanks Karen!


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