Darryl’s been making a lot of grilled cheeses lately. Which is driving me bonkers because before I cut out dairy from my diet, I used to LOVE a good grilled cheese.

I’ve tried everything to satiate this grilled cheese craving. I made one with a vegan cheese substitute, but it didn’t taste the same. It felt like I was eating grilled plastic.

Eventually I did what any wannabe-vegan-grilled-cheese-loving person would do. I caved. And I ate three grilled cheeses in a week.

Except afterwards I felt icky. REALLY icky. Not in my belly, but in my head. I caught the dreaded dairy-brain-fog. So I vowed to create a vegan sandwich I could eat whilst Darryl eats his goddamn grilled cheese. And here it is.

May I present to you….


  • 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread
  • 1 Tbsp Earth Balance Margarine
  • ½ Avocado

Mash the avocado in a bowl. Spread the margarine onto both sides of the bread. Spread the avocado between the bread. Grill it in a pan like you would a grilled cheese. The End.

See?  Veganism isn’t so hard after all. :)

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4 thoughts on “Vegan Grilled Cheese Recipe

  1. Angel (Angelic Monkey)

    Genius!! I will try this for sure. (& yes, I totally agree that vegan “cheese” tastes like plastic and the texture is unappealing as well. I’d rather have avocado than vegan “cheese” anyday. :) Loving your blog!


  2. leslie

    I know what you mean! I will obsess over some non-vegan food that I think I need, finally eat it, feel gross, and get remotivated to make a healthy version! Nice work on the sammich substitute!


  3. Tangerine


    Hey lady! I’ve tracked you down after seeing your vid on Anusara yoga. I like your style. I like what you’re doing. I like grilled cheese.

    Peace and avocados,
    Hannah Tangerine


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