“Most people are so distracted by their thoughts, so identified with the voices in their heads, they can no longer feel the aliveness within them”
~ Eckhart Tolle

For years and years, I refused to get a cell phone. In fact it’s only been two months since I broke down and bought a Blackberry.

In the past when I told people I didn’t have a phone, their reaction was the same as when I told them I had never seen the TV show, “Lost”. From the look on their face I assumed that either my hair had just caught fire or that I had a piece of cacao stuck in my teeth from my breakfast brownie.

I was reluctant to get a phone for the same reason I rarely watch TV – I hate the distraction. IMHO there is nothing more irritating than trying to have a conversation with somebody while they’re messing around on their phone. If I’m talking to you, I want to look you in the eye; I want to feel the Shakti. If it’s absolutely critical for you to be texting your cousin Louie in the middle of our coffee date, I’d rather be at home, cutting out pictures of Johnny Depp for my vision board.

In any case, now that I’ve joined the BB posse, I’m a little less critical of the whole cell phone thing. There’s been quite a few times in the last couple months when having a phone saved my ass-ana. But I still consider my cell phone to be a primary weapon of mass distraction.

Other weapons of mass distraction include TV, Facebook, Johnny Depp movies, and [note to self] Twitter. Overuse of these mediums distracts us from the most important thing we’ll ever have: the infinite present moment.

The present moment is an experience of inner stillness that only occurs when your attention is on “the Now”. In this state of non-distraction, you begin to feel the energy that exists within and all around you.

Present moment awareness is crucial to inner and outer peace. When you are completely present, your decisions will be made from the heart rather than the ego. Life then becomes less dramatic and tends to flow with ease.

Becoming fully present doesn’t mean you have to give up your cell phone (or Pirates of the Caribbean, yay!). As Eckhart Tolle explains, the secret to life is to “move in the world of object consciousness” while maintaining the “space” that emerges from present moment awareness. This creates a balance of form and non-form; matter and spirit; thought and no-thought.

So the next time you’re texting cousin Louie, see if you can retain a portion of your attention on the “space” within the present moment. If he’s not busy watching Edward Scissorhands, he’ll be glad you did.


If you enjoyed this post, you’ll also dig this vid of my man, Eckhart. Peace-in!

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0 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Distraction

  1. Matthew

    True story: I went on a date and before dinner was served (at a very nice restaurant) I told her I make a point of leaving my phone in the car while out with friends. I told her that I think it is very discourteous to pull out your phone in the middle of a meal, while on a date. She said she agreed. A few minutes later, after our dinner was served, she pulled out her phone, “I’ll only be a minute,” she said.
    I said, “Talk as long as you like. Goodnight.” I got up, paid for dinner and left her there.
    Super-hardcore, I know, but I feel if you aren’t willing to meet each other half-way, and then each give 100% to the time you are spending together, why bother?
    I never felt guilty about it, but did feel like it was extreme. Keeping one’s word in line with actions is important to me, I guess.


  2. Baloven

    I agree with the author. I note that no cell phone itself evil, and additional features are incorporated in it. Instead of thinking about life, we are drawn to this toy and steal in their own time.


  3. Tim

    It is my belief that much of the distraction in our lives is intentional. Those who would keep spiritual awareness from reaching anything close to critical mass make sure we’re more concerned with Bristol Palin than the coming Ascension.


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