spiritual-creativeA spiritual creative is an creative individual whose goal is to allow their work to be guided and directed by a Higher Power (God, Source, Spirit) with the awareness that their work serves a higher purpose of bringing healing and light into the world.  Spiritual creatives realize they are not the source of their creative work but rather the channel for it.  Another term for a spiritual creative is a “lightworker“.

Spiritual creatives take on many forms: they can be visual artists, artisans, musicians, writers, photographers, dancers, teachers, designers, actors… even chefs or athletes.  The form they take does not matter as much as the healing energy they channel through their creative work.

The biggest challenge the spiritual creative encounters is “getting out of the way” so that their soul can accomplish its creative work.  They may also find it difficult to support themselves financially if they have succumbed to the prevailing beliefs in our culture that “spiritual offerings should be free” or that “artists do not make money” (starving artist syndrome), along with the common belief that artists and healers are not as important in our society as doctors, lawyers, etc.  Overcoming these shadow beliefs is an important part of the spiritual creative’s journey, and an key step to making a living with their art.

When the spiritual creative is not on the path of fulfilling their soul’s purpose, they will feel an underlying sense of dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment with their life.  This intuitive discontent cannot be rectified by anything other than rediscovering their passion & creativity and getting back in touch with their life purpose as a spiritual creative.

By releasing shadow beliefs, cultivating self-confidence and developing skills that support their natural gifts & talents, spiritual creatives can fulfill their purpose of bringing healing and inspiration to the world in their own unique, creative way.

Are you a spiritual creative?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below and tell me a little bit about yourself along with any challenges you are experiencing… I’d love to help.


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