“You have to be willing
to get happy about nothing.”
~ Andy Warhol

Why do you do what you do? Do you know the answer to that question? You should, because knowing the answer will completely revolutionize your life and how you live it.

Most people do things to “get somewhere”. They want a house, a car, and a picket fence. They want a diploma, some recognition, and respect. They want a relationship, a perfect body, or a new career. They want something to happen in the outside world because they assume it will make them feel better on the inside… but it doesn’t work that way.

I’m not saying not to go for the house, diploma, or relationship if that’s what you truly want. I’m here to give you a high five if that’s the path of your heart. What I am saying, is that nothing in the external world can make you happy or fulfilled if you’re not feeling happy and fulfilled already.

Yesterday I came across a video of Kevin Spacey on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” that really hit home. It was perfect timing, because I was having one of “those days”. You know the kind of day I mean, when you’re feeling low and getting nothing worthwhile accomplished.

I was feeling discouraged, and as I let my mind wander, thoughts of doubt began crept in. “Why are you even bothering with this blogging business? Do you know how many other writers are out there doing the exact same thing? You might as well give up now. You’re never going to “make it”.

And that’s when I came across this video:

In less than two minutes, I was reminded of a truth I know at my core. That there’s no prize “out there”, that there’s nowhere to “get to”, and that all we have is right Now.

From a new perspective, I then asked myself, why am I doing what I’m doing? Why am I doing all this work – writing, blogging, tweeting, and making videos?

The answer was simple: because it feels right. It feels like an extension of the happiness I already feel inside. I know I have something to give, and I’m givin’ it. I can feel good about that right now, today, in this moment. Nothing else really matters.

It’s likely that down the road I’ll “get somewhere” other than I am now, because life has a tendency to move forward. But since my mind will always present me with another place to “get to”, I’ve decided that for now, I’ve already won the prize.

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0 thoughts on “Why Do You Do What You Do?

  1. mteague73

    When I watched it the first time, yesterday, I had to turn the sound off to take a call. I watched as he pointed outward, then at himself. It reminded me of that saying “When you point your finger out, three fingers are pointing back at you.”
    You know that song “You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet, Baby”, by the Smiths? “If you’re wondering why/all the love that you long for eludes you/and people are rude and cruel to you/I’ll tell you why!” We need to work on ourselves, love ourselves, and then we earn the happiness we deserve.


  2. BTraveller

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

    And also exactly what i needed to hear. You’re not alone when it comes to getting discouraged sometimes. The web is a big place, and sometimes we forget the uniqueness we bring to the table.

    Thanks for that video, especially. I have a friend who is taking a break from college right now because she’s not sure how she wants to proceed, and I think Kevin’s message on this will be most helpful for her to hear.


  3. Chewy Rudy

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your thoughts, what your life is about. Inspiration, from the heart, language of the heart. I came across this in feelings of doubt for myself, my life, in despair, and your words of encouragement have lifted my spirit, given a new motif, and “wings.” Thank you thank you. Your work is not without merit and has given to so many. Your giving is received in abundance.


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