Calvin Hawn, 1955 – 2010

This article is a compilation of my favorite quotes and tweets from my late friend and yoga teacher, Calvin Hawn. Calvin made his radiant debut on Twitter in March 2010 and was known for his compassionate and heart-based thoughts of love and gratitude.

Calvin’s Twitter bio reads, “I am committed to kindness, loyalty, and empowering authenticity.” It is inspiring how clearly his tweets mirrored his intention.

It is my hope that the following wisdom will continue to illumine many people in the years to come, as I know in my heart that uplifting others was Calvin’s life purpose.

Calvin Hawn on Giving:

  • We spend most of our time in serving ourselves. The irony is that our deepest happiness is to be found in serving others.
  • You are either enriching and uplifting someone’s life – or you’re not.
  • “What goes around, comes around”; “what you sow, you reap”; “as you give, so shall you get”. Be kind and loving.
  • Take a stand for goodness in this world. Let your voice and actions be felt by all. Stand up and be counted.
  • Today, be sure to keep your eyes open for chances to be of service to others – small things can mean a lot – to both of you.
  • Thinking about world peace has merit – becoming world peace has much more. Start with yourself, model it and your impact will be magnified.
  • In service to others, you find your heart. In finding your heart, you invite peace and harmony into your life.

Calvin Hawn on Kindness:

  • As you retire tonight, please set an irrevocable decision to become the kindest person you can possibly become. Nothing is more important.
  • Try patience today – all day. When you find yourself wanting to react, breathe deeply and say ‘I am a patient person’ – smile & be kind.

Calvin Hawn on Gratitude:

  • Have you seen beauty in the world today?
  • It’s spring. Hallelujah. I look around and see that I could never see the full magnitude of Earth’s beauty, it is so vast – love it.
  • The sun is shining brightly, the air is brisk and all is well. It is a good day to celebrate our good fortune.
  • Whatever is happening in your life, be of good cheer, for in everything you experience there are excellent lessons to assist your growth.

Calvin Hawn on Love:

  • Let love fill your dreams tonight; and when you rise tomorrow, set your intention to give and receive love all day.
  • Today’s challenge: tell someone you love them – someone you wouldn’t normally tell. It will make both your days.
  • As you prepare for bed tonight, ask how might you might best love and serve tomorrow.
  • Let love be your guide all day today – allow your heart to guide you in all you do.
  • One of the best investments you will ever make in yourself is to decide to become unconditionally loving. The rewards will be massive.

Calvin Hawn on Spirit:

  • Your Spirit guides you in WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. Your mind’s job is to work out the details – and that is its ONLY job.
  • How do you know when to do anything of import? When you “feel” or “sense” the rightness of time – your Higher Self directs you.
  • Your Higher Self loves unconditionally. When you hold resentment, you are out of balance with yourself and that is always destructive.
  • Quit resisting.
  • Becoming enlightened is an active process, created by reclaiming what you have shut down so you can participate fully in your own life.
  • Our higher selves are constantly giving us input that will help us – the question is, are we listening? Being too busy can be a form of ADD.
  • You are spectacular beyond your wildest imaginings. Decide to step into your power and live the life you have dreamed of.
  • Be guided by your heart – it will lead with love and will never let you down.
  • I am in awe of nature. The wisdom of the creator is beyond my scope of comprehension – breath taking – and I give thanks.

Calvin Hawn on Intention:

  • Decide right here and right now to have just the best evening.
  • Getting everything you want in life is simple: think it, desire it, decide to go for it, commit, and take inspired action.
  • Everything you want starts as a thought. Next you become it in your mind. Finally it unfolds in your physical world. The order is firm.

Calvin Hawn on False Beliefs:

  • Set no limitations on yourself – it matters not what anyone has told you that you can or can’t do – what do they know about you, anyway?
  • Judging right and wrong is a waste of time. What is, is – we have done the best we can to date. What’s important is where we are going.
  • Learning to let go of attachment is learning to embrace sweetness in life.
  • So much stress and grief are experienced as a result of people defending their beliefs. Rumi had it right – let it go.
  • Justifying negativity and holding on to it is one of the single most self destructive acts one can commit. “Let it be” – let it go.

Calvin Hawn on Relationships:

  • Occasional solitude is essential to well being. If you can’t be alone with yourself, you will never live harmoniously with others.
  • Most important skill ever – relationship building. Remember – “No-one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”.
  • There is nothing more important than learning to like & love yourself and others – it’s a full time job, requiring constant vigilance.
  • Want great friendships? It’s very simple – be genuinely friendly in all situations and to everyone. That’s it. “Genuine” is the key word.
  • Quick tip to improve your relationships: Talk less – listen more. It works like magic. People who feel heard feel cared for.
  • Compassion, especially to those who most push your “buttons”, is a wonderful attribute. You cannot judge for you know not their past.
  • If you truly want to increase your capacity to love, work on deepening your compassion – for self and others. There is nothing worthier.
  • Whenever you find yourself tempted to react, hold your tongue, and seek first to understand. Verbalize only after contemplation.
  • If you are not being true to yourself, just who – or what – are you being true to?

Calvin Hawn on Parenting:

  • Parents – keep things in perspective. There is NOTHING that is more important than raising your children. Prioritize time with them.
  • If you have children and are not treating them as the most precious aspect of your entire life, your thinking is awry – time to re-evaluate.
  • Providing deep and unconditional love/caring to a young person makes a positive difference to her entire life – a wonderful investment.
  • On a deep level, children need to feel your love for them to be healthy and have good relations with you. Show that love often every day.
  • Children need at least one adult in their lives to spend meaningful time with them – proximal separation does not count (look it up).
  • Technology is wonderful – but it’s taking a toll on our kids. Since when should computers, I-phones and i-pods take the place of parents?
  • Driving children to lessons is not the best form of quality time with them. They need 1 on 1, eyeball to eyeball, heart to heart time.
  • Spend quality, fun time with your children now, or fight with them later on when they’ve given up on you. It’s your choice.
  • Happy children (children are happy if they believe you care for and value them – showing them, not telling them) makes for happy parents.
  • Even 20 minutes per day of quality, focused time with your children will pay huge dividends in the nature of your relationship with them.
  • Children get their values from their parents. If the parents are too busy to spend quality time, they will get their values elsewhere.

Calvin Hawn on Yoga:

  • Maybe I’m biased, but I truly don’t know anything as good as yoga for balancing yourself. Nah, I’m not biased – it’s true!
  • I have no religion. But, if Yoga were a religion, that would be mine.
  • Yoga – good for everything that ails you!
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  1. clovejoy

    Calvin Hawn strikes all the right notes with these topics. This is a fine collection of quotes. He was truly enlightened and will no doubt be missed. Thanks for sharing.


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