You Are a Work in Progress
So I was reading over some of my early blog posts this morning when I came to a startling realization. Most of them really suck.

If you had have told me way back when that I was a sucky blogger, I probably would have hid in the back corner of my closet and cried. Or taken it all out on my psychiatrist. Or eaten a batch of vegan chocolate chip cookie dough. What I’m saying is that I would have taken it very personally.

The problem with my early blogs is that they boring. They don’t express much of my personality. They don’t have any pep. It’s no wonder that for months and months and months I only had one reader (Thanks for believing in me Sasa!).

For example, I dare you to try to read this 2009 post from start to finish. It’s called, “The River of Life”. It should be called, “Cry Me a River”, because it’s extreme suckiness brings a tear to my eye.

Contrast it with this post I wrote last week, “How to Throw a Pity Party”. Now that post was funny. That post made people laugh. That post reveals that I am a real human being and not some droid churning out a bunch of self-help mumbo-jumbo.

Don’t get me wrong; I love to churn out the self-help mumbo-jumbo. But I’ve realized that if I want anyone to enjoy my writing, I have to let my personality shine through. It’s taken me two and a half years of writing to get comfortable doing that.

The contrast in my writing from 2009 to now taught me a couple things. Number one – that I have changed a lot. I don’t take myself quite so seriously as I once did. Hurray for that.

The second thing I’ve been reminded of is that I am and always will be a work in progress. At no point in the future will I “arrive”, because there’s nowhere to get to. I’m an eternal being, improving and evolving for all of time. Chances are that I will read this post two years from now and think that it sucks too.

The only reason that my writing improved was because I stuck with it, even when I felt like quitting. I kept writing because I loved it, and also it just felt like the right thing to do.

My word of advice is this: keep on doing what you love. Never expect to be perfect at it.

Because you’ll always be a work in progress.

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3 thoughts on “You Are a Work in Progress

  1. Lax

    I loved both the blog posts mentioned though I’m fairly new to your blog. I just came here last week and have already passed the link on to many of my friends.
    I think the first one was of a serious, introspective type whereas the second one is really funny. Just shows that you have range as a writer.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Paul

    Great post. An easy way to learn this lesson (if you’re not yet ready to put yourself out in the world) is to plant a fruit tree. In terms of fruitfulness and productivity, they too suck in the early years, but as long as you don’t give up on them the rewards are great – and more than an individual can handle). Now to put this in to practice. (-:


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