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I’ve got exciting news for you.

There’s a good chance you might be rich.

Not from an unclaimed property. Or a forgotten stock. Or a prince’s inheritance from Nigeria.

The truth is, your riches are hiding right under your nose. And by the end of this article, you’ll know how to find them.

I discovered my own hidden riches during a recent trip to Costa Rica, which forced me to reconfigure my entire concept of “wealth”. Like most North Americans, I’m accustomed to thinking of wealth in terms of money. But if this is true, then why did I feel wealthier during my stay in Costa Rica, even though my bank account stayed the same size?

One reason I felt rich in Costa Rica was due to my connection with the environment. As I sat in the middle of the jungle, I knew without a doubt that I was connected to a higher energy. I felt the wealth of Nature, which is abundant.

I also felt rich in Costa Rica because my environment was uncluttered by concrete, cell phones, highways, or noise. There was no urgent need for constant improvement, advancement, progression or growth. Along with this uncluttered environment came an uncluttered mind. I was free to enjoy myself without having to think about how to become better, richer, more successful, or more productive. I felt the wealth of the present moment.

What I realized in Costa Rica is that the feeling of wealth does not come from money. The feeling of wealth comes from appreciating the abundance that is expressing itself in the present moment. I also realized that if you chase money to give you the feeling of wealth, you will never find it.

If you want to feel rich, realize that abundance is already expressing itself in your life. If you’re not convinced, grab a pen and paper. Write down all the things you have an abundance of. When I did this exercise, I couldn’t stop writing. I realized that abundance is indeed expressing itself IN FULL FORCE in my life.

I’ve got an abundance of shoes. Tea. Makeup. Ideas. Friends. Cells. Food. Books. Air. Hair. Appliances. Q-tips. Coffee. Pennies. Information. Opportunities. Clothes. Cutlery. Socks. Thoughts. Toothpaste. Concepts. Laughter. Straws. Luck. Yoga mats. Yoga blocks. Yoga straps. Happiness. Underwear. Credit cards. Smiles. Sunlight. Clouds. Music. Feelings. Acquaintances. Websites. Blog posts. Streets to drive on. Restaurants to eat at. Places to visit. People to meet.

You get the idea.

I think if you take 5 minutes to NOTICE the abundance that is already present in your life, you’ll feel rich. Instantly. No Nigerian prince needed.

So forget the need to “get rich”.

You ARE rich.

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7 thoughts on “You Might Be Rich! Here’s How to Find Out.

  1. Sasa Vignjevic

    Dude, and I am just two weeks away from flying to my own vault of limitless richness – Bali!
    Nevermind – just bragging.
    Lately I am in my minimalist phase and while gradually getting rid of stuff I realise how rich in crap I am! And I mean all sorts of crap (even the proverbial one). If my wife were into this minimalism as I currently am, we could make enough space in our 500 square feet apartment to host a second wife and a second husband!
    Guess what: the more I get rid of the stuff, the more rich I get. Soon I could get so stinky rich that we could afford to hire you and mr.D to work here as butler and nanny.


    1. KB Post author

      Bali!!! That’s so exciting! I totally want to go to Bali… there’s lots of yoga there.

      I’d love to be your nanny! :P


  2. Dove

    I agree with Sasa. I feel rich with the awareness that less is more :D .. I revel in not having, being chained to, what most people can’t imagine doing without–TV, microwave, credit cards (yay, no debt, ha), cell phone and similar gadgetry, mainstream cleaning products…mainstream toothpaste, deodorant (I use baking soda for both of those), crazy-large home, and no car either (took me a while to realize the blessing in losing my car, but it is very freeing for the most part–hoping I never have to own another).

    On the other hand, there are a few things I love having an abundance of. Me too for the herbal tea :) Lotsa space compared to when I was the material girl. Freedom, lotsa freedom, and especially in this moment, I answer to no one. Time. Really good healthy food and high quality supplements. Clean water. Two cases of Pellegrino water :) Tarot cards :D … Books. Sweet, beautiful silence. So much creativity and ideas it overwhelms me. The beauty of my creations. Denim :) Mirrors are good feng shui, and I have lots of ‘em. Wonderful baskets, pillows and lacey things. Trees and woodsy-ness just outside my window. Crockpots, ha! ;) Decades of experience, knowledge–especially in the areas of alternative health and metaphysics/spirituality. Hope. Awareness, magical energy …

    Thanks, KB, for stoking me to look around and realize my riches :)



  3. Katie

    Love this, KB. It’s so, so, so very true. I’m reading the Hunger Games right now, and oddly enough, it reminds me of how fortunate I am. Unlike Katniss, I live in a world where I have zero problem getting enough food, I could afford a whole car full of cookies if I wanted them. Without working very much, too.

    Too many people.. myself included… spin their wheels with money and materialism, probably because we always have, it’s what we’re used to. I’m all for helping shift that paradigm by starting with myself. :)


  4. Jen

    Great reminders KB! :)

    I discovered the other day – the blogger writes a handwritten gratitude note everyday on the site, often turning negatives into something to be grateful for. Its on a similar vein.

    Its great to focus on what we already have isn’t it?


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