Your-Future-is-Friendly“I don’t know what the future holds, but I know what holds the future.”
- Rev. Michael Beckwith

When some people find out about my psychic ability, they often ask me to take a glimpse into their future. My partner wonders why I don’t  place bets or pick winning lottery numbers to make a living. While it’s true that I often have  accurate premonitions of the future, I hesitate to share my visions. The reason I don’t share this information is because since our future is fluid, it is also changeable. It is more productive for me to spend my time guiding a person into a better feeling “now”, because chances are if you’re feeling good in the present moment, your future experience will be positive as well.

Infinite Possibilities

Your future is a collection of infinite possibilities that collapse into one reality through the power of focus. The reality that you will experience in your future is directly influenced by the thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs that you are holding on to NOW. If you are aware of the power you have in creating your own reality, you will consciously choose thoughts and beliefs that will lead you into a future of joy. If you are unaware of your power, you will unconsciously create “more of the same” of whatever is happening in your life by reacting (instead of responding) to your current situation.

I’ve given intuitive readings for people who are very anxious about their future, which is always a bad sign. It indicates that in the present moment, they have been overtaken by a tremendous fear that something bad is going to happen. Being stuck in this vibration of doubt and worry is destructive and unproductive. It holds you back from the life you want to create because instead of focusing on what you want, you focus on what you DON’T want. As a result the Universe delivers the object of your attention, and what you don’t want shows up. It is infinitely more productive to expend your energy making positive changes about how you perceive your life in the present than to worry about the possibility of a negative event arising in the future.

Elements of Fate

Not all elements of our lives are consciously chosen. These are the elements of “fate” that are chosen on a soul level. They include the family that we’re born into, the place and time of our birth, the appearance and shape of our physical body, and the unique gifts and talents that we are given to develop and deliver during our lifetime via our life purpose.

There are also situations that arise in life we may feel we did not create or choose, such as a loved one’s death, a serious illness, an accident or injury, or the breakup of a relationship. Though they may appear random on a surface level, these crisis situations serve as catalysts for positive change. When people break through to the other side of these situations, they often refer to them as being the best thing that ever happened in their lives. Crisis is always a doorway into a shift in consciousness.

One of my favorite books is Transforming Fate into Destiny by Robert Ohotto. In this book, Robert investigates how we can consciously direct our lives by combining the elements we are given to work with (our fate) with our creative power of choice (the path to our destiny). I highly recommend this book to anyone who is on a conscious path of personal or spiritual development.

When I give someone an intuitive reading, it is not my intention to predict the future, but to guide them towards responding productively to whatever is going on in their present reality. By helping to clarify intentions I help unleash the most powerful force in the Universe, which is the power to create the future. You are the only one with the ability to predict your future with 100% accuracy, and you do so by deciding what you wish to create.

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