Listen-To-Inner-Guidance“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
- Albert Einstein

Every person is born into this world with intuition. By paying attention to this inner guidance system, your life will spontaneously begin to work.

The challenge is that from the moment we are born, the world distracts us and conditions us not to pay attention to our inner guidance. Re-prioritizing your life to honor the wisdom of your inner guidance system will lead you to greater and greater levels of health, peace, happiness, and success.

Your inner guidance system or intuition informs you whether your thoughts, words, and actions are in alignment or out of alignment with the flow of Life. When you are IN alignment, you are on the path towards or already living the life of your dreams. Your external life situation evolves in synchronicity from one opportunity to the next.

When you are OUT of alignment, nothing “feels right”. Even though you make logical decisions, you experience disappointment and resistance at every turn. Or maybe your life appears to “work” from the outside, but you’re still experiencing a subtle feeling of discontent. These negative feelings are really blessings in disguise, meant to alert you to the fact that you’re off-track in some area of your life.

The nature of the Universe isn’t logic; it’s mystery. Mystery is the only path to follow if you want to lead a magical life. To live in this way, your decisions can’t be made by your logical mind. When you overcome the fear of uncertainty, you embrace the synchronicity of the unknown. A life lived in mystery is not a threat; it’s a life of magic and unlimited possibility.

The Emotional Scale

The quickest way to become “in-tune” with your inner guidance system is to begin to pay attention to how you feel. Your emotions indicate whether you are moving toward or away from all that you yearn to experience in your external life. The scale of emotion ranges from despair to bliss (plus every emotion in between). It’s important to note that an instantaneous quantum leap from the lowest levels of emotion to the highest levels, is not likely and also not advised. Because dramatic changes are difficult to sustain, it’s better to work your way up the scale of emotion by choosing slightly better feeling thoughts that offer a feeling of relief. For more information, I highly recommend the book The Astonishing Power of Your Emotions by Abraham-Hicks. This book gives a full description of your inner guidance system and also incorporates a variety of exercises that will help you put it into practice.

Feeling Yes versus No in the Body

The intelligence of the entire Universe lives in every cell of your body. Your inner guidance is continually tapped in to this intelligence and it registers in your physical body as a feeling. You can experience these feelings by discerning the inner feeling of “yes” versus the inner feeling of “no”. Dr David R Hawkins discusses the principle that the physical body can make this distinction in his book, Power vs Force. Dr Hawkins uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to distinguish “truth versus falsehood” within the intelligence of the body. You can practice discerning yes from no in your body by becoming still, then asking “show me a yes”. Pause, notice the feelings in your body, then ask “show me a no”. I perceive a “yes” in the area of my heart and a “no” in my in the area of stomach. Along with the physical sensation, I experience a simultaneous perception in my mind of either expansion (“yes”) or stagnation (“no”).

It takes a brave person to favor their inner guidance system over the external influence of society. Find the courage to follow your inner guidance, and you’ll be led from a life of mediocrity, into a life of magic.

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