“Life is a mirror.
It will reflect back to the thinker
what he thinks into it.”
~ Ernest Holmes

I was peacefully eating my dinner this evening when I was jolted out of my seat by snarling and barking in the front hallway. Startled, I jumped up and ran to the hall to investigate the cause of the commotion.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the source of the chaos. My new greyhound Monty was standing stiffly in the hall with raised lips that revealed his pearly white teeth. He was aggressively snarling at the “other greyhound” in the hallway mirror, who growled back at him angrily.

Being a newly retired race dog, Monty is unfamiliar with all household objects including mirrors, and has no idea that the dog he is barking at is himself. In fact right this very second, he has re-discovered his reflection and continues to bark at himself hysterically. I’m encouraging him with the hope that he’ll “bark” it out of his system.

Monty’s reaction to his reflection is a great metaphor for how most of us deal with our lives. Each circumstance in our external reality is a mirror for our inner thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. The problem is that when we are unaware of this, we “bark at ourselves” by blaming the external circumstances for our problems. We declare ourselves victims and perpetuate the hamster wheel of discontent by reacting negatively to our creations. In fact, each and every time we react (rather than respond) to a situation, we are barking in a mirror, just like Monty.

If you catch yourself barking in the mirror of life because you don’t like what you see, there is only one way to alter it, which is by changing the source of the reflection (YOU). Most people attempt to re-configure their reflection via external action – they move across the country, look for a new job, acquire a new relationship, shop for new clothes, or get plastic surgery. Many people don’t realize that genuine and lasting transformation has nothing to do with re-arranging Life on an external level.

The quickest way to change your reflection is by learning to truly love and appreciate yourself. Whether you are conscious of the power of your mind or not, the mirror of life is directly related to your self-esteem. It’s not possible to create suffering in your life if you genuinely respect and honor yourself. Even people who are not aware that their thoughts create their reality can and do create truly incredible lives when they love and acknowledge themselves.

Until you learn how to love yourself, you are destined to be discontent with the reflection that is your external reality. Unfortunately you’re not alone in this form of unhappiness. Although most of us can’t really give a good reason for why we’re all so undeserving or unworthy, most of humanity suffers from self-hatred from one degree to another. The only remedy is to become aware of who you truly are, and why you’re on the planet. When you remember the deeper reality that is your true essence, you will grow to love yourself with ease and grace. You’ll also give up barking at the mirror. ☺


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